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The most terrifying thing to happen at UFC 76

Have you ever over reacted to a situation and actually made things worse? Examples like the US in Iraq pop into mind. Another example is the UFC freaking out about judging and opening the door to the CompuBox guys and their new ‘MMA scoring system’, CompuStrike. For those of you not familiar with the system, CompuBox is basically a statistical crunching system which ‘counts and categorizes punches thrown and connected in boxing matches.’ They’ve now ported their system to MMA where I’m sure it will wreak havoc within a year or so.

While on the surface I don’t have a problem for more information regarding fight statistics, the thought of this system being seen by judges scares the fuck out of me. The day rounds start being given to fighters based on their ‘hit percentage’ and ‘number of punches landed’ is the day I’m gonna fuck off and rededicate this blog to a real sport like competitive eating or something.

This isn’t soccer or basketball … you don’t get x number of points for putting a ball in the net and you don’t get a ‘score’ every time you manage to touch your opponent. You win by beating the other guy up worse than he beat you up. While it makes sense that the number of punches landed should matter, there’s going to be a fuckload of controversy down the road if it becomes a basis for judging criteria.

  • garth

    erk…i hope nothing like that happens…

    we still need a running score though.

  • marshal

    Yes! Nick Diaz will win every fight, easily now.

  • Xavier

    “You win by beating the other guy up worse than he beat you up.”

    Someone forgot to tell that to Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck and Michael Bisping.

  • Garth Maul

    Wow, I never thought of it that way. I see the UFC using the compu-strike numbers in between rounds to give the fans an idea of who may be winning the fight. All this will do is create even more confusion ans more problems. Someone needs to tell the UFC that ultimate fighting or mma(as noobs call it) is not ultimate boxing.

  • dignan

    There is a simple answer to all of this.

    Make me the sole judge and jury in each fight in the UFC, and any other match that I want to be involved in.

    I am always right, no matter what compubox, or compustrike, or any person says.


  • BigD

    Take diaz vs aina -aina landed more power shots and it seemed he was doing more damage to nick. nick- on the other hand landed more punches and none of them really seemed like power shots. A lot of ppl thought aina won the fight but if u looked at his face it really looked like he lost. I thonk it would be great to have a system based on shots landed. The person landing more strikes is also probably throwing more strikes and therefore probably pushing the pace.

  • Matt

    I think the UFC should change their name to tiny glove boxing. I think it’s got a pretty good ring to it.

  • kentyman

    Xavier, I hope you’re not talking about Jon Fitch vs. Diego Sanchez. Even Dirty knew he lost that fight.

  • Thomas

    on 24 Sep 2007 at 2:06 pm2marshal
    Yes! Nick Diaz will win every fight, easily now

    What about Compu-grapple?