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The obligatory TUF teaser post

TONIGHT! Is there a *gasp* traitor in the house??? It seems like there’s always an over-talkative snitch / dumbass in every batch of TUF contestants nowadays. Whatever. I can only hope there’ll be a fight that doesn’t suck three pounds of shit out of a fat dude’s ass and blow it right into my eyes. The last two have been brutal.

  • Symbul

    I heard a love triangle in the house will be exposed, followed by a murder-suicide. Find out after the break.

  • Trol

    ^^^ At least that would be worth watching.

    I use to just fast forward to the fights. Now I even watch those in fast forward most of the time.

  • iamphoenix

    what do they mean by traitor?

  • Take It Easy

    Jon Jones makes a surprise guest appearence

  • Komodo

    As long as dumbfucks nutting and pissing in other people’s food never happens again I’m good with whatever.


    Cool first round.

  • frickshun

    I gave up on TUF after last season. There’s so many ways I could waste my time more effectively.