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The poor sportsmanship you didn’t get to see

It hurts me to say this because I’ve always generally liked Jason MacDonald, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for him over the Joe Doerksen fight. You’ve heard that MacDonald won knockout of the night, but what you haven’t heard is that after the ref waved the fight off Jason stepped back in and dropped a few more punches on Doerksen for good measure. If that wasn’t enough, he also called Doerksen a sore loser during his post fight interview.

If you ask me, MacDonald should have been thanking Doerksen for taking what was basically a soft rebound for ‘The Athlete’ and putting some heat behind it. If it wasn’t for Doerksen’s shit talking, no one would have given a damn about the fight. So Doerksen builds the match up, puts up a very competitive fight and almost finishes Jason MacDonald off with a brutal kimura. And what does he get? Punched in the face after the ref stops the fight.


  • Tertio

    Only Ginger i ever liked lived on a desert island in my TV.

  • FightStinker is RIGHT!

    where can i watch this fight….for free?

  • Mapultoid

    Go watch the MacDonald interview at Sherdog. Mazzagatti apparently explicitly apologized to MacDonald for having told him to continue, and made it clear to the people around them that he, the ref, had encouraged him to continue before he realized Doersken was out.

  • Mapultoid


  • Jim Brown’s Long Lost Son


  • Mobb Deep

    There is only one solution: feed him to Silva for his crimes.

  • Tertio

    Tried to buy this fight and the Herman fight over at (yes i was gonna actually BUY them) but my UFCvideo program thingny was broken so i didnt get to see them yet.

    The finish of the herman fight looked fucking sweet.

  • Dangerfield

    Remember all that shit Jason was touting during the UFC all access and previews and shit. He is a family man. He doesn’t like the stereotype of fighters being borderline criminal streetfighters. A few shots after the fact is no biggy though. At least he’ll get it worse if he ever gets the pleasure of fighting Silva.

  • dignan

    GSP said him and Serra’s feud was just for hype to get people interested.

    Obviously Doerksen just pissed off MacDonald. So there may be some real animosity between fighters, and sometimes the asshole will pay in the ring.

  • ninjitsu

    I haven’t seen the fight, and I don’t see the Sherdog post-fight interview Mapultoid mentioned, but the post-fight interview on has MacDonald saying he gave him a few extra shots because he didn’t think the fight had been stopped.

    (If only weren’t such fucking bastards and would let people with Macs / firefox use their site.)

  • Echolocating

    Yeah, I watched the post-fight interview with Macdonald on as well and the way Jason explained the final hits didn’t sound like a malicious thing at all… more like a “the fight isn’t over? I guess I’d better hit him a few more times” type of thing. My gut tells me that Macdonald didn’t pull a Babalu by trying to “teach Doerksen some respect”. That said, I haven’t watched the fight though.

  • Echolocating
  • The Gaijin

    Jason Macdonald = UFC’s Mike Kyle!

  • Nate

    NONE OF THIS IS TRUE? Lavigne hadn’t yet stopped the fight, even though Derkson was out, and actaully told him to keep fighting. It was the refs fault.

  • Fred

    Jason knows he’s a second-tier fighter in the UFC. He virtually said as much in his blog. These antics are just to keep his name out there and build a (negative) buzz for himself. He’ll never face Anderson; he already got beat by Rich and Okami; and he’s basically a ground-fighter who wouldn’t attract much attention on his fights alone.

    It’s got to be tough for guys like Jason to know that hell will freeze over before they become a champ in the organization they’ve always aspired to be in. It’s not like Bisping who at least theoretically has a shot. Jason has already lost to 2 fighters who would be beaten any day of the week by the champ. Smack-talking and beating B-level fighters like Doerksen are all Jason has left.

  • Gavin

    Geez guys, watch a replay! Mazzagatti stepped in, but inexplicably did not wave the fight off; maybe he was taking a closer look at Doerkson. Macdonald stopped at that point, and looked to get up, but Mazzagatti seemed to indicate that the fight wasn’t over. So Macdonald punched him a few more times and then Mazzagatti stopped it. It was really weird, and poor form on Mazzagatti’s part, but I don’t think that Macdonald deserves any Mike Pyle comparisons.

  • ajadoniz

    somethings fishy about this.

  • Echolocating

    Fishy? Well, either Macdonald is a bold faced liar in the Sherdog interview… or Fightlinker owes Jason an apology. ;-)

  • fightlinker

    Looking into it for confirmation as we speak, there’ll be a follow up once i know more one way or another.

  • Andy Cotterill

    Hi guys, trust me…Jason felt pretty crappy at what happened…there’s no way he did that out of anger. I also spoke with Hendo who was the one on the bus who asked Jay what was up with the “late” punches, and he confirmed that Steve Mazzagatti admitted that it was his fault.

    Keep up the great work Fightlinker, and I agree that the horseface is not nearly as noticeable in real life as it is in pictures :-)

  • Kris

    I thought the same thing at first but after re-watching the replays the ref appears to step in but lets the fight continues and then Jason lands a couple more punches the ref actually stopped the fight. Very interesting situation very few in the arena caught live but I don’t think it was anything except the ref not stepping in when he probably should have.

  • Jim Brown’s Long Lost Son

    The ref told him to continue. Not J-Mac’s fault…

  • occmsrazr

    the fight wasn’t stopped, can’t believe how many people didn’t seem to notice that.

  • sebastian

    Yeah, you dropped the ball on this one, fightlinker. It was clear from watching the fights that the referee was to blame.

  • fightlinker

    I was 10 feet away from it when it happened, Maz waved his hands, MacDonald stepped back, then stepped in and dropped extra shots on Doerksen’s face. I’m still trying to get verification on MacDonald’s story about Maz saying it was his fault.

  • Paul

    The sore loser thing is kinda out of context too. MacDonald is saying that in relation to their previous fight and that is why he wanted to stop the fight.

    10m away from it or not, you want to be spending less time checking out horseface :)