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The frowny face club

Sometimes a photographer snaps a photo which touches the souls of people across the world. And other times they just get a picture that makes me giggle uncontrollably. This is one such picture: The Tito Ortiz fan club watching as Lyoto Machida pulls a “hit and run” on the Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

Click here for the full sized version. I’ve looked all over to find the photographer’s name on this but haven’t been able to. If anyone knows, please tell me and I’ll give credit where credit is due.

  • Gong
  • crs

    I saw another picture taken 5 minutes later where Jenna had fallen sound asleep from the fight and was snoring and drooling out backed up cum from the back of her throat from 1999. It was adorable.

  • lx


  • Ted Dibiase

    who hacked into CRS’s computer and disable his caps lock?

  • smoogleton

    It couldn’t be any more obvious that you just go to the UG every day and swipe whatever the actual MMA fans are discussing.

  • garth

    obviously it COULD be more obvious. you’re engaging in sarcasm, i believe, or sadly confused. either way, tsk!

  • x_x

    hahaha holy shit u mean that pic is real hahaha

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    The Frowny Face Club would have been a wittier title

  • Gavin

    If Jenna wants to be considered legit, why does she insist on wearing dresses that are cut down to her bellybutton?

  • Steve

    I love the look on the face of old broad to the far left. She looks like she just left a deposit in her Depends.

  • Wu Tang

    Jenna’s Tito Kid- Mommy, Mommy, daddy was a fighter when he was young, what did you do?

    Jenna: Umm.. lets talk about something else.

    18 Years later:

    Jenna’s tito kid 22 years old: Got this new porno compilation! She is known as the queen of por…n…. OMG.. No way.. Mo…m…..

    So yea, she should not have a kid :P

  • andres

    ^^^really couldnt just try a little harder?? thats just lame
    haha nice pic though

  • fightlinker

    Changed the post title to frowny face club as per jackal Hattori Hanzo Gracie’s suggestion!

  • Wu Tang

    Who said i wanted to try? Is that Triple H to the far right?

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    “Changed the post title to frowny face club as per jackal Hattori Hanzo Gracie’s suggestion!”
    Hilarious & Insane

  • Wayne

    All the way in the front, and what do the rich assholes do? Stand. Thus causing everyone else to stand.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    That’s a photo from the future. Trump and Co. stand astonished as Tim Sylvia lulls Fedor to sleep with his Fluffy jabs.

  • Hammer

    Trump over Steve Wynn by rear naked choke……Jenna, I got sloppy 4,345th…!!!!!!

  • Hammer

    Jenna… I got sloppy 5,345th!!!!

  • Hammer

    who is the hot blond to trumps right?/ i would submit and mont her quick…

  • Hammer

    mount.. sorry.

  • Hammer

    tito is thinking… ‘ I cant wait to get home. one lickin my nuts, one lickin my toes’…..

  • jd

    The only guy smiling is some dude in the front staring at Jenna’s ass.

  • Tertio

    Hilarious picture. Why is Trump insisting on wearing this wig…Is it a wig ?

  • fightlinker

    From all the legitimate sources on the web, it’s real hair.

  • Jemaleddin

    Fake hair doesn’t come in colors that ghastly. That’s an EXTREME combover.

    Nobody knew my great uncle was almost completely bald until he got pushed into a pool. Suddenly that Brill-Creamed Elvis-themed mop turned into a long pony-tail from the back of his neck with nothing on top and very little on the sides.

    Somebody needs to push Trump into a pool.

  • DannyP72

    Haha the dude looking over Trumps shoulder. I can’t stop laughing :)

  • esther

    Well it’s probably not the photographer from the first link, Martin McNeil, but I’ll ask him.


    Fuck, the first Evan Tanner copycat beards are popping up already! The future of MMA will look like 2 Pirate’s fighting on a giant life raft…