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The Reem, S2E06: California Dreaming

The last episode of “The Reem” ended with Alistair getting canned from Strikeforce, but don’t worry, it turns out that downer ending was like the “Empire Strikes Back” of this series.  Since then he’s re-signed to the UFC and split with long-time camp/managers Golden Glory, but this episode only touches on the former.  After parting ways with SF, Overeem heads to California for what he calls a “promotional tour,” though it’s really about checking out Cali and its MMA scene to see if he digs it enough to move there.

First he films a cameo in a music video (they still make those?), and there meets another guy who might have chosen the nickname “The Ream”, but went with “The Hedgehog” instead.  Then it’s on to touring some MMA facilities, starting with former Chute Boxe trainer Rafael Cordeiro’s Kings MMA (home to his old pal Fabricio Werdum), then RVCA, Affliction, and finally Antoni Hardonk’s much more modest joint (who really does look like a movie star now).

Next he cheers on a couple GG teammates at the inaugural Muay Thai Premier League event, where some dudes wear tennis raquets on their heads and do ceremonial dances before their fights, and what sounds kinda like snake-charmer music plays during all the fights.  Seriously, I saw part of it on TV.  Anyway, he bumps into some other MMA folks there, including Joe Rogan who later gushes about how awesome he is.

Was Alistair maybe thinking of joining a kickboxing league that actually pays its fighters?  I guess we’ll never know, because he soon gets the UFC call, and so he gets himself a pimp new suit and heads to Vegas to meet Lorenzo and sign the contract in person.  Looks like they came up with the Lesnar fight at this same meeting.

Speaking of which, at the end is a sweet little trailer for Overeem vs Lesnar, showing them both kickin’ ass, liftin’ heavy shit, and shootin’ guns.  Check it out separately after the jump:

  • glassjawsh

    im such a mark for this shit……SWOON!

  • CAP

    Pimpin ain’t easy!

  • iamphoenix

    i have not watched a single reem episode. i am content.

  • subo

    I’m with phoenix (no homo)

  • iamphoenix

    subo, I love you. (totally homo)

    please come back, along with your poor sentence structure, lurve of lesnar( i think you liked him idk.) and mildly amusing posts.

    no reason. really. just squeeze out richard. he molests kids in a lab coat and trains them 5 days a week and fuck thems sometimes too.

    is this clever enough, richard?

  • Blackula Jonez

    Subo and Phoenix are missing out.


    Wonder if they will not watch Reem demolish Poop gut in December too? I will do them one better and say that Brock even though he is a ufc fighter is technically a can and Alistair won’t be legit until he wins the UFC belt lol.

  • iamphoenix

    …i don’t watch it because i don’t like him. i’m indifferent. i haven’t watched any mma related vids in a long time. plus i got a youtube playlist going on with headhunterz, and it’s pretty awesome music, don’t feel like interrupting it.

    reems not a scientist, so i’m kinda not interested anyway for one. and i bet he doesn’t even train five days a week.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    ^ None of your comments are ever mma related, have you noticed this? I do enjoy pictures of cats though, got a heap of sweaters with cats on them and posters in my room. And I have 13 cats

  • kvelertak

    When Overeem destroys Lesnar, and retires him, Subo’s failure will be complete.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    You can’t say shit like that, Kvetcher, ’cause if Lesnar wins it would conversely make his success complete – and none of you will admit that.

  • Blackula Jonez

    I dunno, winning a title in the UFC makes your career more important than the average fighter imo.

    Lesnars problem is that he was never allowed to grow as a fighter, he has gotten away with being one dimensional and freakishly athletic for his size and when that fails him he loses hard and fast.


    Lesnar will stand as a monument to how no matter how much talent, potential and skills a fighter has it is still better to have them fully flesh out their career than fast track them to a title shot even if you know they could beat the current belt holder.

    I dunno man I think Lesnar is trying to go out on a very lucrative high note, I just hope that he can put up a decent performance despite his illness and recovery.

  • iamphoenix

    this is true keyboard man. this is true.

  • CAP

    This could be Lesnars last smashing. Another bad whooping and I think he bails.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This beating will be WORLD CLASS.  Alistair is the Michael Jordan of K-1 level Striking.  If Brock don’t bail, we’ll all know he’s for real.  But not having the balls to train at a real camp?  It’s tough to balance this vaginal fanquation.

  • frickshun

    I’m riding w/Phoeniggz & Subotic on this one…..I’ve never watched one of these vids. Is it funny or very insightful. Is he going to work on a heavybag or sparring full speed? Is he talking about some inside dirt on the MMA world? If not, I doubt I’ll make time for it.

    And DJ–>in the equation of rassler vs striker, rasslers tend to come out on top. Of course if they eat a few punches, it’s over. But that is the exception, not the rule.

  • CAP

    The production of these vids are smoov as fuck. Your loss.

    I just don’t see Reem getting held down the whole fight. Reem will survive the ground but Lesnar won’t last standing.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Frick if you appreciate good cinenamatography, good music and combat sports you will enjoy Overreems documentary. Imagine a monochrome 24-7 that is continuous and follows just one fighter it is also free, unless you suffer from a condition where looking at Reem makes your eiyes bleed why wouldn’t you watch it.


    I mean really I didn’t know so many jackals were anti Reem. I would also assume the guy who writes for a FUCKING KICKBOXING WEBSITE would have seen these but I should start to expect less out of bloggers seeing as Ryan contiues to ignore Bellator despite them possibly becoming the home of high level female mixed martial arts.

  • frickshun

    ^^Depends on what you see as more meaningful. Reem beating NOBODIES (barring Werdum) OR Lesnar losing to the best heavies in the world.

  • CAP

    ^See. All that comes together here!

  • iamphoenix

    i’ve just never been enameled with overeem. the more people love with the less i care.

    he he he…enameled.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ hipster

  • kvelertak

    I can say that because there is no way in hell Lesnar is going to win.

    1. He has no gut left in his body.
    2. His crappy brute strength double leg won’t save him from an Uberknee.
    3. He cannot strike, and will run around the cage again like a girl.
    4. He won’t submit Reem on the ground, Werdum couldn’t do it. and I’d say Overeem is easily stronger than him at this point.

    I see no way for Lesnar to win to be honest.

  • Grappo

    Frick if you appreciate good cinenamatography, good music and combat sports you will enjoy Overreems documentary. 

    plus the behind the scenes shit is awesome.

  • iamphoenix

    wow. my last post made no sense. i’m so stupid.