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The Rise of Toquinho – Mini-Doc

Here’s a sweet little documentary about our beloved knee shredder by Stuart Cooper of GrappleVideos.  I was hoping that it would show more about his personal life and how he and his family live now as compared to the rank poverty he grew up in, but there is none of that.  Would’ve loved to have seen some video or pictures of his 10 siblings to see if any of them have that freaky Rousimar build. 

Murilo Bustamante provides some interesting insight into Palhares’ struggles leading into ADCC, and why he didn’t compete in the Absolutes, but the real highlight is the giftastic footage of Toquinho rolling and ragdolling at Brazilian Top Team, and of course, the ADCC material.  For those hankering for some sweaty man-on-man action, more coverage of the 2011 ADCC’s can be found here


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  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I would rather have a rabid dog hanging off my leg than that little tree stump.

  • Alan

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