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The UFC cuts Falcao loose


Several months ago, I asked the question ‘Is Maiquel Falcao too crazy for the UFC?’ I thought it was a rhetorical question at the time but it turns out the answer was ‘Yes, he is!’

UFC officials have released promising Brazilian fighter Maiquel Falcao and pulled him from a UFC 134 bout with Tom Lawlor. A representative from Prime Fighters Management and DCA, Falcao’s management companies, told ( of the release overnight.

The rep said Falcao’s 2002 arrest still plagues the fighter, and with fans and media contacting the UFC and demanding his removal from the summer card in Rio de Janeiro, officials ultimately decided to sever ties with the middleweight.

Here was Falcao’s explanation for that:

“In 2002, I was at a club with a couple of friends, and one of them had an argument with another group of guys,” Falcao said. “They started fighting, and soon it became a fight between two groups. One girl got injured in the lips during this mess and took me and my friends to court. I was considered guilty for aggression.”

And sentenced to 24 months house arrest. I dunno, I’m not sure ‘Accessory to Injured Lips’ gets you two years house arrest, especially in Brazil where smacking chicks is practically a national pastime. There must be more to it (even above Falcao skipping out on that house arrest) than this, and I’m sure it’ll all come out into the public eye sooner or later.

It seems pretty obvious to everyone that Falcao is being taken off the roster in preparation for the UFC’s arrival in Rio this August. The last thing they need is some newspaper pictures of a chick who’s been Joker’d under a headline with ‘Lutador do UFC’ in it. Then there’s that video above where Falcao had to be dragged off his finished opponent. And who knows what other wacky skeletons would fall out of his closet if the local press gave it a shake?

When you’re trying to make a good impression in a country where jiu jitsu is used by gangs and the last major MMA event ended in a gigantic riot, it’s best not to leave anything to chance. I’d feel sorry for Falcao, but any guy who keeps attacking an opponent after they’re done is no mixed martial artist in my mind. He’s just a thug. An entertaining thug, but still a thug.

  • CAP

    Too bad he’s a manimal and can’t control himself cuz he brings the pain and it’s fun to watch.

  • frickshun

    I’m impressed that the UFC is taking a stand.

  • Omomatta

    I’m not surprised. Dana won’t even let women punch women in the UFC. I could never see him allowing a dude to do so.

  • Letibleu

    Dana would totaly be OK if Tito fistfacefucked  Jenna.

  • Redping

    looks like she walked into a doorframe. if tito did anything aggressive to her shed probably dissolve into a giant puddle of semen

  • Billytk

    I could care less about a fighter being in trouble outside the cage almost 10 years ago but I do think he should have been cut or at least punished for not releasing a choke in his last fight and the ref having to physically pull him off.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Leti, didn’t she later admit that was a prop to get pity/further discredit at Tito?

  • Concepcion

    @stratocaster1986able Don’t be stupid. This wokuort is tough for sure, but you have no idea how hard professional fighters push, especially the best pound for pound fighter who defended his title more than 5 times. All champions earn their victories through hard work and great determination.

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