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The UFC is building another commentary team

The UFC’s commentary team just gained a member. Enter Jon Anik, former host of ESPN’s MMA Live. He’ll be the second string Goldberg for the UFC’s FX and Fuel programming.

“One of the guys that I have been aggressively been going after came from ESPN. I have a lot of respect for him, what he’s done, not only there, but as far as mixed martial arts goes. I finall got this deal done and I’m proud to announce here today we’ve come to a deal with Jon Anik,” White said at today’s UFC 137 pre-fight press conference. “Jon Anik will start with the UFC in January as soon as we launch on Fox.”

Anik also appeared at the presser and expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity, as well as excitement to join a staff with which he is supremely impressed.

“I believe the UFC is as strong a brand as there is in professional sports, but what really drew me to this organization were the people behind it,” Anik said today. “I think as strong as this organization is, it’s the people behind it. This is a machine, it’s a well-oiled machine. I just hope that I don’t get in the way. I’m very excited to get started. My first day is Saturday, I’ll be there at UFC 137. This is where I wanted to be. If I was leaving ESPN there was one destination, it was the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s a dream come true and I’m happy to be here.”

It seems like a dream come true for many MMA fans as well, who seem pretty happy with the choice. Sure, any announcement like this that doesn’t involve Gus Johnson or Stephan Bonnar is cause for celebration. But people genuinely like Anik and respect the fact that he actually knows what the fuck he’s talking about – always a plus but for some reason not always a requirement in this sport.

Just ask Mike Goldberg, who coasted on an impressively limited amount of MMA knowledge for over a decade. He’s better now, but back in the day every move and technique was like a newly discovered toy. Do you remember how bad it was after he learned what a teep was? Dude wouldn’t shut up about that shit for like six months. And don’t get me started on his broken record routine. Every event … is virtually i-dentical!

  • Reverend Clint

    goldbergs job is to be a carnival barker for the UFC

  • CAP

    Anik should do ok. I’ll give him a chance but I’d like to see someone like Handy in there.


    Anik is a pro and a solid addition to the team. I think he’ll fit in well.

    I wonder if he’s going to be calling fights or (and what I think is a more likely scenario) will he be filling more of an analyst type role. e.g. doing bumper material, pre and post fight shows, specials… things of that nature for FOX, FX and Fuel.

    Maybe they have him call the TUF fights, that would be a good way to build him up and develop a relationship between him and the fans. Although, I kind of prefer no commentary during those fights for some reason.

  • P W

    “He’s better now… “

    No he isn’t.


    Anik is a great idea.  Who else? 

    Florian, maybe if he can not be so boring.  Bonner, a bit too goofy and strange voice.  I love Bas, but without some of his zany shit.  I liked Mir, and Pulver, when they were doing WEC…  Trigg?  I haven’t heard much of his commentary style.

    I know I will take shit for this (and don’t give a fuck – so go ahead), but maybe if -*IF*- Mauro could shitcan the pro-wrestling mode and turn it down a notch (that’s _IF_ motherfuckers) he might work.  He used to annoy the shit out of me, but I grew to like him.  Alright let’s hear it….      whatever.

  • frickshun

    Cap–>did you ever catch MMA Live? Anik is great. He’s very professional & seems knowledgeable. He also has fantastic chemistry w/Florian who is 10x smoother on that show than he was being thrown into the fire on that UFC PPV in Rogan’s place.

    I can only hope that one day……they replace Goldy w/Anik!!

    PS: Ryan, i-dentical line was not lost on me, Mr. Funny Guy.

  • CAP

    Oh yes Anik is solid, just hope he fits in well. I wonder who will fill his role on MMA Live?

  • P W

    I agree, if someone just slapped some sense into Mauro and he’d be willing to listen to some professional coaching/advice I think he could turn out pretty decent. I don’t remember him being Strikeforce-level corny and silly while he was commentating for Pride.

  • G Funk

    He’s just another puppet broadcaster with no personality. weep woop

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