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The Ultimate (Female) Fighter

Aw hells to the yes. The coaches of TUF 18: Ronda Rousey and the winner of Tate / Zingano. And as for the contestants: half 135 pound men, half 135 pound women. That’s right. Guys and girls living in the TUF house together. Between that and the breath of fresh air they’ve brought into the production from this season, I am suddenly excite for TUF again.

  • canada

    what guy is going to want to be trained by women on tv might be good for ratings but not for long most guys that will want to be on the show will spend all there time trying to get laid by the time the show would be done there will be a few law suits I bet you good luck ufc ,and if you set rules for fighters don’t pick and choose which fighters you will force your rules on its not fair its not being a good organization ufc might be the big mma show but you are pissing a lot of your fans off, when someone works there way to number 1 contender and you give the fight to someone else to fight for the belt that is complete bull shit , that’s just as bad as boxing im a huge boxing fan but these fucking fighters picking who they want to fight is wrong boxing is bad that way and theres a lot more wrong with boxing , ufc smarten up you have done a lot for the sport . but now your changing rules as you go . and stop pampering ronda rousey we can all see how you are going to give her easy fights so she remains the champ , why else would you just hand her the title with out a fight ,dana must be banging her why else would he make her main event , I refuse to buy a ppv if she is the main card why pay to watch a 1 round fight smarten up ufc if you want to be a real sport make it fair to much ego with dana you use to be smart now its just you making up your own rules as you feel like your not god .

  • stmx

    Jeremy Jackson is in prison somewhere deeply disappointed that there weren’t women when he was on TUF