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The Ultimate Fighter undergoes MASSIVE CHANGE

Hold onto your panties, people. Dave Meltzer has revealed the awesome twist for this season’s TUF, and let me tell you what … it rivals anything M Night Shamalayan has ever done. Get this:

Specifically, the coach of the winning team will not pick the match up for the next bout. Instead, the coaches will alternate each week — regardless of a win or loss — when it comes to selecting the fights. The coach whose team has accrued the most wins throughout the six-week process will earn the right to coordinate both semifinal match ups.

Oh wow. That totally earned TUF a spot back on my Tivo. Not. What a revolutionary change that’s sure to change the entire feel of the series. Not. My hat is off to UFC brass for thinking completely outside the box and electrifying their stagnant series. Not.

For those of you who haven’t been around very long, let me point you to two articles I wrote on what TUF really needs to do to win me back. Unfortunately for me, I still have to watch this stagnant piece of shit in order to do commentary … the price I pay to provide you all with your daily dose of pissed off commentary. I swear to God there are lifeforms that evolve faster than this show.

  • Ryan

    As long as they are pulling over a 1.0 they won’t change anything, those are still “great” ratings. Who cares if they could easily draw a 2.0 by allowing the guys to go out and get shitfaced in bars, increase the bonuses for winning via tko/submission to discourage safe fights, bring back challenges, etc. I disagree about the song having to go, though.

    BOOM you gonna get hit!
    BOOM you gonna get knocked out!
    BOOM you gonna feel it!
    Bear witness to the fitness of the modern warrior!â„¢

  • urbancontra

    Did you just use a “not” joke?

  • Mobb Deep

    Your pissed off commentary is greatly appreaciated.

  • fightlinker

    I used three ‘Not’ jokes. But rest assured, I was all about the Not jokes before Borat came out. He ruined so many of my shticks.

  • johnny

    Borat has ruined Antisemitism for used to be so chic

  • Matt

    I think we all appreciate your commentary man.. You pretty much say shit the way most of us would.. You rank right up there as my fav. mma journalist.

  • urbancontra

    Sorry. The first “not” joke made me think we were four year olds and I suddenly forgot how to read.

    But look at it this way: season six will give you so much more material to rip on!