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The wait is almost over…

From Wanderlei Silva’s official site

Wanderlei Silva is once again the special guest to the next UFC in USA. UFC 77 will take place on October 20, when the name of his opponent will be released. The date has been confirmed.

In contact with Wanderlei, he explains that the name is already defined and that the disclosure will only be possible after the event.

Goddamn if this is some underwhelming “I’m fighting Keith Jardine” shit, I’ll kill someone.

  • Jemaleddin

    Well, I guess I’d better start warning your neighbors…

  • kentyman

    Its on Linker, Jackals!!!

    Chuck Vs Wandy!!! Head over to they just royally fucked up the surprise announcement I bet Dana’s fucking pissed…

  • hbdale309

    “I want to fieth… er, fight Keith!”