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The worst website in the universe

When GSP said he made a lot of changes to the kind of people he hung around with, I would have hoped he’d have weeded out wannabe web designers from his entourage. Apparently not … behold Georges St Pierre’s website, possibly the worst fighter website I’ve seen that doesn’t involve lasers firing out of Frank Shamrock’s eyes.

I don’t wanna drop too much web-science on y’all. God knows, my current site is about as generic as you can get. But at least it’s practical – I can update it easily and quickly. GSP’s new page on the other hand is built completely in flash, meaning it’s very difficult to update. My prediction: the site will be updated once every two months for … two months. And then never again until whoever is supposed to be managing Georges St Pierre’s reputation sees it and throws a fit.

  • dignan

    Nice fleur-de-lis you separatist fuck.

  • Smashy Smash

    Still loading, and I have T-1…lol

  • Zurich

    The bad photography over CG is a flashback to Mortal Kombat, but in a bad way…

  • Jemaleddin

    Hey – the fleur-de-lis doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a separatist. Maybe he’s a big fan of scouting:

    Or little boys. It could be a lot of things – that’s all I’m saying.

  • raizor

    …and what’s with the awful sounds effects? It sounds like I’m playing Space Invaders.

  • garth

    Same goes for BJ Penn, then. He’s a Hawaiian nationalist.
    And you know what? If Quebec DID secede, you could stop putting fucking French on EVERY SINGLE THING, even in places where there’s no god damned french speakers within five hundred miles. Just a thought.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, but I’m from quebec. They’d force me to write my page in french and god knows if they’d let it be displayed from outside the great wall they build around the province.

  • dignan

    Ahh…fightlinker is a frog. No wonder he is so bitter.

  • fightlinker

    There are plenty of english people being suppressed in la belle province ;-)

  • garth

    see, quebecois on non quebecois racism just fucks with my head. They look exactly alike! Thats like polish on albanian racism…who can tell?
    so would canada in general miss quebec if it was its own nation? I have a friend in vancouver who couldn’t care less. she’s actually moving to mexico, later, taking a pass on the whole middle bit of the continent.

  • Frank

    #2 I have RCN Mach 20 and the site loads in less than 2 seconds.

  • Tommy

    Speaking of websites have you been to Prides website lately Linker? Looks so odd to me now.

  • Erin

    Oh for fuck’s sake. Flash is kinda, sorta interesting the first time you visit a page. After that it’s annoying. I do not visit a site for a flashy-blinky graphic-fest. And it takes way too long to load.

  • whowho

    The website is BRAND NEW!!!!! Give it a chance you bag full of dumbasses!!!!!!

  • marshal

    The only thing a saw wrong with it was the load time (dailup people, fuck OFF!)……
    Dialup = redneck, oops, just lost your fan base.

  • Thomas

    GSP is the greatest combatition (YES my own word) on the face of this planet.