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Things get a little heated at the weigh-ins


Everyone managed to make weight for tonight’s Strikeforce card, but that doesn’t mean the entire process was boring. Watch Nick Diaz and Paul Daley get in eachother’s faces. Watch Scott Coker try to control things with his finger of power. Notice Nate Diaz creeping up to give backup support. Isn’t it fun when two of the most unpredictable hotheads are set to beat eachother up?

  • SST

    Gonna be some good fights tonite. Can’t wait for some ultra-violence, 209-style.

  • frickshun

    I’m already tired…..FUUUUUUCK!!

    Still gotta drive to bosses house b/c I’m too cheap to pay for Showtime & I refuse to watch a stream of this card…

  • thingvolds

    chat tonight i hope?