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Things you can buy with 38 cents

  • 38 yen
  • 8 rubles
  • 4 pesos
  • 1 IFL stock

*UPDATE* We originally had the topic as “Things to do with .38 cents” … of course, that technically means .0038 dollars. And while IFL stock will probably get there soon enough, it’s not there yet. Beware this kind of mistake when signing up for cell phone packages.

  • Cyrus


  • Cyrus

    stock ticker lookin good, yo!

  • jlayne

    is it really that high? what a ripoff!

  • Matt

    What is .38 cents when converted to Shrute bucks?

  • Andrej

    What is that in Canadian? Or a better question what will that be in Canadian Money 2 year’s from now.

  • Audacity

    Yes, that’s in Canadian. In USD, it will cost 0.393338. In Canadia, there are lumberjacks and beavers laughing at Americans. And, it would also be 0.191786 in GBP.

  • fightlinker

    It’s funny … we can’t get rid of the US money from our trip … the CAN dollar has been below US for so long that now we’re 3 cents up on it, everyone is like “FUCK THAT US SHIT, IT’S WORTHLESS”.

  • Beau

    Short sell, short sell!

  • Judge

    Don’t worry, the US dollar will rebound and our money will go back to be the lil sister from the north again.

  • intenso

    Ryan, send me all your US money.

  • Aaron

    That should be 38 cents, or .38 dollars. .38 cents is .0038 dollars.

  • Cyrus

    Hahaha Aaron is right dumbass fightlinker hahaahhaah.

  • fightlinker

    Aaron : I got fucked on cellphone bandwidth charges this way too :-/

  • ajadoniz

    You guys beat me to it, you fucking zombies. 38 cents = .38 dollars. anyway… sup?