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This is how it’s done, GSP

This is how it’s done, GSP. Joe Benoit channels his inner B-boy after subbing Ken Jackson at Hoosier FC 6

  • frickshun


  • Dexerion


  • glassjawsh

    goddamnit indiana…..

  • Blackula Jonez

    I think you can only pull off windmills and backspins off of vinyl mats. the surface of the octagon is said to be made of a very abbrasive non slip material.


    Still doesn’t mean guys should avoid pulling off a headspin or freeze as their post fight celebration.

  • Grappo

    GSP should have Phil Nurse ready to throw down some cardboard for him should he ever actually finish someone again.  It’d be totally lame to breakdance after winning a decision.


    I love how Ken Jackson has to walk past Benoit’s flying legs as he’s trying to deal with the disappointment and frustration of losing.

  • Reverend Clint

    blackula its not that anti slip if you watch MMA enough

  • scissors61

    the impression i’ve gotten from fighter interviews etc. is that the mat of the Octagon itself isn’t slippery, but the sponsor logos can be extremely lacking in traction. 

  • fightlinker

    Some mats are more anti-slip than others. I used to hate being sent into the cage at GAMMA because the mat was like sandpaper – any jiu jitsu and you’d rip the shit out of your skin. I’ve been inside a cage at an MMA event in gatineau and it was pretty glossy. Didn’t get to be inside the octagon but it looked more ‘grippy’ from standing pretty close

  • Grappo

    yeah, Chael Sonnen talked about how the worst part about fighting was when you take a shower after a fight, and the soapy water hits all your mat burns.  Said the surface of the octagon canvas was like sandpaper. 

  • Blackula Jonez

    Yeah, if the mat isn’t covered in blood, sweat or spilt water it looks to be pretty grippy. Ever notice how some guys have their corner pour some water on the ground for them to rub their feet on, I am guessing the desired efffect is a moisterized foot gets more octagon traction.

    I woild imagine the strikeforce cage to be very slippery, especially the advert stickers. Bellators cage seems to be made as the same material as the ufc, guess that was one of the trade secrets they poached lol.

  • iamphoenix

    you guys are so scientific.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Anyone notice the recent change in mat material?  It doesn’t look like a canvas pulled over the edges, and now it looks like strips adhered to the mats underneath.