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This is how we do it baby

If the UFC was wondering how the fuck to do business in Japan, here’s how it works:

  • To get rid of the stench of scandal, appoint FILA vice president Tomiaki Fukuda as president and former Tokyo chief of police Yukihiko Inoue as commissioner.
  • Add some star power to your brass by including famous 70’s boxer Yoko Gushiken and pro wrestling icon Hiroshi Hase.
  • Secure financing from established backers like Takao Yasuda and Naoya Kinoshita.
  • Build your promotion around popular Japanese fighters from the J-ROCK camp, and have Hidehiko Yoshida star.

And here’s how it doesn’t work:

  • Send some pencil pusher from the states over to tell everyone what to do
  • Don’t bring in any names the Japanese know and trust to deal with all the baggage left over from the DSE scandals
  • Act surprised when you can’t get a TV deal
  • Strip the promotion of all it’s stars
  • Close the office down and blame the Japanese for being punks

Just for reference sake.

  • garth

    But…but…they got a video library!

  • Royal B.

    for seven times the price!

  • Royal B.

    BTW, Hase is Japan’s version of Kurt Angle, but without the medals.

    and the “baggage”.

  • ted dibiase

    note to fightlinker:

    pride is dead. no one cares about japanese mma anymore

  • The Citizen

    Time for some good shows again. Let the flying stomps begin!

  • dave

    fuckin’ christ. that’s harsh

  • Mr. Theplague

    If I can’t see thier shows or then who gives a fuck?