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This is the price of going mainstream

Zach Arnold found it. Let’s get Sam Caplan to fight in it. I’ll take the reward. ‘’ features a very unique format: two guys fight MMA-style, the winner gets to fuck the ring girl. Of course the site’s a total piece of shit … no good preview vids, no good pics … nothing to get yer nut off for free at all!

If you wanna see a preview video without visiting the nasty site, click here. Don’t worry, it’s ‘safe’ to watch … the bastards didn’t even give us a nipple or warty vag. Which in the end is why they’re not going to succeed with this parasitic attempt to piggy back off the success of MMA. Guys beating the shit out of each other to fuck a chick on video is immoral, degenerate, depraved, and vile. Which is why it would be a massive success, *if* the genius guys behind this loosened their damned fists and showed us some fights and some fucking for free.

  • Tommy

    This looks like the ‘brain’ child of Jenna and Tito. Half mma half porn. Sweet.

  • fightlinker

    If it was done by tito and jenna it’d be 100 times better.

  • Asa

    So Chuck would get to fuck Jenna?


    They’re definitely the front runners for signing Fedor from what I hear :)

  • johnny

    this is like “Ultimate Surrender”..but more for the kids

    There is a time and a place to introduce a young man to viewing girl on girl dildo sex and that time and place is your mid twenties (or nine, in my case cuz I’m a bit of a porn snob)

  • fightlinker

    I’m dling some of that ultimate surrender stuff and will follow up with a post. Thanks for the heads up johnny

  • johnny

    seriously, it really is good.