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This is what a split jaw looks like

Okay, this is the last post about the Kim Couture / Kim Rose fight. After the jump you can see the videos of the fight in all it’s glory, it’s pretty damned entertaining from start to finish. However, I just wanted to point out the above picture. You might be wondering “Did Kim lose some teeth? No … that’s what happens when your jaw bone breaks in the middle. The bone sags and half your teeth drop down and out of sight.

Kim Couture vs Kim Rose

  • Reverend Clint

    Thats just fucked up whether man, woman or beast.

  • garth

    it keeps making me feel queasy

  • Lifer

    that’s grit and determination! cant wait to see her next pummeling.

  • Dr.Death

    Damn this especially sucks for Randy Couture, since it looks like he wont be getting head anytime soon. ;)

  • iamphoenix

    is dana white happy?

  • kentyman
  • ben has big boobs

    man those wanna be commentators sucked hard.why didn’t they stop it after the 1st round?ironically I still thing Kim Couture is prettier than that other bitch even when she started to look like cb dollaway

  • kwagnuth

    I’m sure Randy would have thrown in the towel or the ref would have stopped it if she would have said something. Even when her and Randy were hugging it probly hurt like hell. I beleive women are tougher than guys when it comes to stuff like that most guys would have quit and rightfully so. She’s obviously very stubborn I wonder if Randy ever wins any arguements.

  • Burtonchik

    that was SO not the post to read during dinner – that picture grossed me out more than a little

  • fightlinker

    If she can take a baby out the vag she can take a fist in the jaw

  • Reverend Clint

    what about a fist to the vagina?

  • big john takes it up the ass

    the resemblance to cb dollaway is uncanny.

  • esther

    Kim’s looking better just two days later:

    You can tell she’s been in a fight, and of course, she can’t smile but she’s out in a bikini anyway. I think she’s got moxie.

  • JoshMan

    As Matt Hughes would say, I love it!

  • Hammer

    I heard she can take a good fisting.. But seriously. Is this good for MMA?? To grow the sport is this kind of photos people want to see?? And even worse the quality of the fighting.??. It was a tough man competition for women at best. Looks like her and Dollinhay have same cosmetic lip surgeon.. Gross

  • kentyman

    She’s got mox’ alright. Stretch mox.

  • crs

    I’m still shocked that she claims to only be 33. To look nearly a decade older (still attractive, but in a mature way which isn’t a bad thing) she must like to par-tay. Then she marries Randy who celebrates by going crazy by putting a splash of fat free dressing on his lettuce for dinner and stays up to the crack to 8:30pm.