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This is what broken dreams look like

Evan Tanner’s abandoned boat has become something of a tourist attraction to the folks over at the Underground forum. If I wasn’t two day’s worth of driving away, I’d probably go check it out myself. I wouldn’t be happy with pictures though … I would get all up in there and search for anything Evan left behind … a shirt … a sock. Then I would rub it all over my body and be like “Oh shit yeah. Washed up fighter stank.”

There’s a lot more pictures after the jump

  • ted dibiase

    nah, forget about fixing the underside, nobody sees it anyways. lets get drunk!!!!

  • garth

    poor boat.

  • pf


  • Jonathan

    That is what we in the academic world call “corral reef habitat base”

  • marshal

    Why can’t they capture Evan’s sorrow. I want to feed off of it and drink beer.

  • Mr. Theplague

    The only way that picture would be more metaphorical is if the boat was named “The Crocop”.

  • Toxie

    Or, “The Date.”

  • kentyman

    “Washed up.” Nice.

  • marco9690

    “Need a Meeting”