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This is what Strikeforce is for

What do you do with a guy like Jorge Santiago, who went a combined 1-4 in his two UFC stints, but seems to wreck pretty much anyone outside the big leagues?  Send him down to Strikeforce is what they should have done.  Despite “it is what it is” being one of Dana White’s favorite phrases, Zuffa is loathe to admit that Strikeforce is their B-league, even though it’s painfully obvious to everyone.  With their few stars either being drafted up to the UFC, leaving for greener other pastures (King Mo, and now Daley) and/or pissing hot for PED’s (King Mo, Cyborg, and now Feijao too), you’d think they’d want to keep a decent guy with decent name recognition around to help shore up Strikeforce’s paper-thin roster.  But no, they sent him off to beat up nobodies in the wilderness until he earns another chance to be thrown to the wolves.

To that end, here’s Santiago subbing some guy in the main event of Titan FC 23 last night.  Enjoy.  Or don’t.  Hey, it’s your life, man.

  • iamphoenix

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  • glassjawsh

    we should also just start posting random naked pictures in the comments. enough butthole and vag out in the open oughta grease the wheels of progress

  • thingvolds

    ‘it is what it is” is an awful phrase used by dolts who are too stupid or lazy to actually articulate a relevant thought in any given situation.  People who use this phrase repeatedly should be treated with the utmost contempt and possibly even shunned from society.