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This is what victory looks like

Behold, the ipecac finale!

  • catch


  • omomatta

    “Are you getting this, is it cool.. Oh Ryan I fucking hate you!” WONDERFUL! He dry heaved so much…….that was fucking awesome!

  • Hywel Teague [FO Magazine]

    hahahahha! ‘Ryan I fucking hate you! I fucking hate you bastards!’

  • Hywel Teague [FO Magazine]

    hahaha “Are you happy now Ryan?”

    Yes, yes I’m sure he is :D

  • Swedish guy


  • JYAG

    duchebaggery to a new level

  • Mike_N

    Wow. Thank Jeebus that you won, right?

  • Stellar53

    That was brutal to watch, yet enjoyable as well…

  • jd

    Now you’ll need to get the domain name thanks to him.

  • jd

    Wow, i’m slow. I put into my address bar and I got redirected to the .com site. I guess you already do have it.

  • Millertime

    I love how the song i had a bad day is playing in the background.

  • fightlinker

    Yeeeah. I gots all the fightlinker urls ;-) But he also spelled it wrong on purpose too. Big ups for the CagePotato boys for taking their medicine like men … literally :-D

  • cheezeypoof

    lol @ the song Bad Medicine in the background by Bon Jovi. FL, did that make you happy? :P

  • CagePotato/BG

    Man, I had a great song mix going for the entire experience…”Loser,” “Bad Medicine,” “Sick, Sick, Sick,” “Bad Day”…and you could barely hear any of it. That was a bummer.

  • Boondock


  • kentyman

    So what’s the next bet? ;)

  • Fatal Error

    Yeah, congrats to for manning up!

  • Marco9690

    I needs to see a pic a tha chicy that hung in there filming that whole thing…. she sounded hot, and damn sure had warrior spirit…….

  • Gong

    I felt bad.

  • fightlinker

    We don’t do many challenges … the last one was for Guida / Huerta so probably sometime in the fall we’ll figure out a new idea / challenge / target. Truth be told I’ve already get my eye on someone, if you’ve listened to the radio show you’d know who. But past that, if CagePotato wants to avenge their loss, I’m always open to whatever they have in mind.

  • Carcass

    He only had a tiny bit – the guy in the youtube vid had about 10 times that amount for the impressive projectile chundering. He should’ve drunk the whole bottle :P

  • kentyman

    I like the Jesse-style pants-pissing idea.

  • CageToday

    You guys stuck it to him.

    Yacking+American Idol Theme song= HELL ON EARTH

  • garth

    i know who’s in the crosshairs next…be careful ryan…you are meddling with forces beyond your control. don’t let the one victory go to your head!

    or, better yet, do

  • Mobb Deep

    That was funny and worth it, but stay away from the bloody elbow boys.

  • MarleyMarl

    haha that was awesome!


    Is it wrong that I couldn’t stop staring at his BITCH TITS the whole time?

    “Yeah but does it look cool?” ………… about the gayest thing I’ve heard.

  • supercrap

    Freaking hilarious. My stomach hurts just watching. MORE MORE MORE!