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This week in awesome MMA action

We’ve got a mega fight week in store for ya, with more MMA than you can shake a stick at. Boxing might get a semi-entertaining (or at least lulz worthy) sucker punch once or twice a year but this week we are getting three blocks of solid fight action, starting with…

The Ultimate Fighter Season Whatever: Mayhem vs Bisping
If the one minute preview they ran during the Battle on the Bayou couldn’t convince you that this season is going to be retarded, I dunno what to tell you. Maybe that’s the problem as far as you’re concerned, you purist you. But don’t tell me a two hour premiere featuring the best of 16 fights at bantamweight and featherweight won’t be awesome. Don’t do it! I’ll throw acid in your face for abandoning your love of MMA. That’s this Wednesday at 9PM.