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Tim Boetsch has a mean underhook

Like I said during the Low Blow UFC 81 breakdown show (our best show of the year thus far, by the way), I haven’t seen a toss like this since Summer Slam. I think the Ultimate Warrior did it to Macho Man Randy Savage after bouncing him off the ropes or some shit. I wish I could tell you more, but my memories of that time were hazy and spotty. Mom says it’s because Uncle Carl touched me while we watched wrestling. She tried to get Carl put in jail but Carl bought me the Wrestlemania VHS boxed set so I wouldn’t testify. I figure even if he did touch me, the boxed set is pretty sweet.

  • Atom

    Heath protested the decision, but it looked like he was either out on his feet, or flash KO’d by landing on his head. (and then a few more times by punches)

    Here’s a gif with a few more seconds pre/post throw:

  • Luke Thomas

    Watch Heath’s feet as Boetsch launches him. Unreal.

  • adc

    That’ll look nice on your record “KO (Underhook)”

  • Mike_N

    Heath was whining to Herb Dean about stopping the fight too quickly, but anyone with properly working eyes could see that Heath was temporarily retarded at best while Boetsch was pounding away.

  • MacDaddy

    That’s some redneck judo right there, bee-yotch!!

  • Xavier

    I could watch that all day.

  • Captain

    “I could watch that all day.”

    Agreed. The only way it could get any better is if Babalu zip-lined in from the rafters all ninja style and sunk in the anaconda.

  • fightlinker

    haha redneck judo, that’s about the most accurate shit ever.

  • MacDaddy

    God, I love Judo.

  • mmaninja

    lol at Redneck Judo.

    I gotta say though, it was one of the better moments that night, and UFC somehow failed to show this highlight at the end!

  • fightfan

    You want to talk about walking out of the UFC with your tail between your legs.

    Heath lost his last 3 fights, the last 2 he got absolutely embarrassed. At least Heath got some UFC footage for the future. they are in the form of highlight reels praising both of your last 2 opponents, but hey him and Sean Salmon could get toghether and make a good videotape

  • fightlinker

    Heath vs Salmon – Ambulance match