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Tim the Lame-iac Sylvia


The article on the UFC front page says it all : “The Maine-iac is Back – Sylvia decisions Vera on UFC 77 Main Card“. Yep, Tim Sylvia is back, and he’s still as boring as ever. I’ve gotten used to that reality at this point. I haven’t seen Sylvia come out with any real aggro intentions since he knocked out Andrei Arlovski a year and a half ago.

But this time there were all sorts of signs that Tim would be different. He replaced his boxing coach whose ‘Keep the distance and jab away” style has resulted in worse approval ratings than George W Bush. Alas, change was not in the cards this night, as Tim tied up Vera and pushed him against the fence for over half the fight. At one point a fight broke out in the stands that had more people on their feet than the event in the Octagon.

What drove me nuts about this fight was the fact that Tim was owning Vera in the exchanges. Why he kept deciding to clinch and push Brandon Vera around I have no fucking clue. He said something about his gameplan being to close the distance to prevent Vera from using his kicks, but this wasn’t all that necessary.

Sylvia should have been able to realize he was winning the striking and adjust his game plan. You could see his corner playing charades between rounds showing Tim how to push Vera off and throw more punches.

Anyways … it wasn’t the fact that Tim was uninspired again. I’m used to that at this point. It was the flashes of real talent wasted that got me all riled up.

  • ajadoniz

    From what I saw, it seemed Brandon was throwing punches, but as soon as Tim responded with his own more effective jabs, brandon would grab and clinch. At one point I heard Tim say, “Come on, Brandon” when they were on the fence. Brandon needs to drop down, he’ll never get past Tim and so staying at HW is only going to slow his progress and time. Agree? Disagree?

  • Jonathan

    Tim maybe lame, but he wins his fights….and he might be the three time UFC champ.

  • marshal

    The ref was dumb for not separating them more.

  • garth

    From what I heard, it was Miletich who told Tim to put him up against the fence. Tim follows orders. If you re-listen to i think the excahnge with pat at the first break, you can hear him saying that.
    it was interesting that Tim pounded the top of the cage at the end in frustration. He WANTS to finish. My bro had an intersting point as well: has he thrown a big right hand since his arm got broke?

  • ABM!2!

    Militch was telling Sylvia to close the distance. Not to clinch up. Brandon was the one grabbing Tim, especially in the first round. In the last round Tim was closing the distance and didn’t give Vera room to throw kicks but he wasn’t clinching up. People give Tim so much shit that it’s ridiculous. I know he’s somewhat boring but still you can’t hate the guy for every little thing he does.

  • RoB

    the way i heard it pat told him there was no reason to get in exchanges just to smother him

  • Ted Dibiase

    i woulda been booing him from the get go. non-stop.

    FL- did you see anything regarding the fight in the crowd? im sure if was WAY more interesting than the fight in the cage

  • hbdale309

    I heard Pat in the corner ordering Tim to fight that way. He was like, “Now look here Tim, Brandon has had a rough year so I want you to hug him and hold him tight. Remind him that it’s not his fault.”

  • jazzn

    I recall Miletich specifically telling Tim to hold Brandon against the cage. Not much of a strategy especially considering that when he did throw he did well. Can’t believe the ref’s allowed all that no-action hugging.

    Over all he did not have much to show.. not much in the way of kicks. Slow hands. Not very aggressive except at the end. He’s just a big guy who’s hard to deal with and he may be champ again someday but it won’t be that interesting to watch.

    Compare that to the virtuoso performance Silva put on. That guy actually has some skills. He’s entertaining to watch. He tries stuff. The knees.. the elbows .. the back kicks.. you never know what you are going to see. That moment where he just dropped his hands and just bobbed and weaved and avoided Rich’s punches and kicks. A bit of showboating but he made it look easy. This against Rich Franklin(!). He’s an elite fighter who puts on a great show.. None of this “gee, if I kick he might take me down” stuff. That was a hell of an exciting fight.

  • kermit.01

    I can’t remember I dozed off in the stands during that fight. If the guy next to me hadn’t of spilled his beer I might not have seen end.

  • Luke Thomas

    I honestly cannot believe what I’m reading here. First, Sylvia only won the exchanges in the second round. Second, for those who’ve trained, you should have a ton of respect for Sylvia’s defensive skills, eg unrelenting bicep and wrist control even off of his back. Third, can anyone here name another fighter who’s defeated Vera? Fourth, I was hugely impressed with Yves Lavigne. His timing and understanding of when to act are awesome. Lastly, if Vera can’t keep Tim off of him against the fence, that his problem. Tim had a great gameplan and stuck to it.

  • jazzn

    Ahem.. Luke didn’t you just write this –
    “… a Sylvia vs. Kongo fight would be a lot of fun to watch…provided Sylvia didn’t hug him the entire time…”

    You aren’t trying to imply that Sylvia can be boring are you?

  • BigFern

    Sylvia’s a goofy lookin douche. Vera need to drop down.

  • Drehog

    Looked to me like Vera was the one initiating most of the in-close clinching. Tim was just controlling the clinch once it was initiated.

  • Frank Costello

    Great, so we can look forward to Tim’s lean and pray tactics for a while longer. Vera was just as frustrating to watch especially after the fight where he was grinning from ear to ear after LOSING. I couldn’t understand that. He did seem to get a little momentum going when he put Tim off balance with a head kick then body kick at the end of the 2nd round. But then he just got smothered and leaned on.

    I can’t say I’m looking forward to a Nog/Sylvia fight.

    As for Silva vs Franklin II, you can’t get more entertaining than that. Not only did Silva land a spinning back kick, but also a spinning backhand! Silva impressed me by winning in dazzling fashion, while Franklin impressed me even more in losing and still being a class act. This fight along with Henderson/Rampage and any Tyson Griffin fights have been my favorites this year.

  • Luke

    “Ahem.. Luke didn’t you just write this –
    “… a Sylvia vs. Kongo fight would be a lot of fun to watch…provided Sylvia didn’t hug him the entire time…”

    You aren’t trying to imply that Sylvia can be boring are you?”

    The idea behind a Sylvia vs. Kongo fight is to be a bang fest and nothing else, so while I wouldn’t begrudge him the choice to hug, it also would be a waste of a perfectly good stand-up war.

  • seb

    Hey, switch to “worse approval ratings than congress” next time. Way more original.

  • Matt

    Timmy didn’t look that fuckn horrible..It’s not like Vera did all that much to stop the tie up anyway. I guess foot-work goes out the window when your getting blasted in the face.

  • CanadiensFan

    I agree that dummy Yves Lavigne should have separated them much more than what he did. Total snooze fest.