Tito is trying to hold the axe over the UFC’s head

A few days ago, TAGG Radio announced that Tito Ortiz would be fighting Dan Henderson at UFC78. So of course we knew that wasn’t going to happen. It was a nice dream though … Tito vs Rashad 2 has about as much appeal as porking Rosie O’Donnell up the butt. The New Jersey show is turning out to be as crappy as New Jersey itself, and Tito/Rashad as a main event would be the cherry on that particular shit sundae. So it would make logical sense for the UFC to put Tito in the octagon with a better opponent that could salvage the PPV.

Now it looks like Tito knows he’s the UFC’s saving grace on this card and is playing hardball on signing any fight:

Right now the expected main event for the show is Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans, but Ortiz is playing hardball when it comes to signing.

My bet is the UFC doesn’t want to pay Tito the money he gets for headlining a PPV … they’re probably trying to argue that he’s co-headlining the card with another non-title fight, which of course is bullshit.

While Tito/Rashad isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire, not having Tito Ortiz at the New Jersey show could be a pretty big disaster for the UFC. The next biggest fight is Karo Parisyan vs Hector Lombardo, which is Ultimate Fight Night caliber at best. On the other hand, the UFC has already set new lows for PPV card quality with UFC 72 and UFC 76. So perhaps they won’t really care that much if UFC78 is a stinker, so long as they get what they want for their mega-card on December 30th.

**UPDATE** I’m an idiot and said UFC73 was a terrible ppv … I liked UFC73 … I did not like UFC72, the Belfast show. Like Dana used to say, a PPV without a belt-defense is a bad PPV. And now they’re doing that once every few months. Boo-urns

  • http://MMACritique.blogspot.com Thomas

    this is the shit us east coast MMA fans have to look forward to.

  • http://flyingguardpass.blogspot.com garth

    the sad part is that tito is the best they can come up with as a main event. meh.
    they’ve done a pretty shit job of scheduling.

  • http://www.shcmarketing.com hbdale309

    I agree w/ Tito vs. Rashad 2 being a terrible idea, but you totally discredit yourself when you say 73 and 76 were not PPV quality cards. Even though you make a good point in your article, no one can take it seriously.

  • Rollo the Cat

    “On the other hand, the UFC has already set new lows for PPV card quality with UFC 73 and UFC 76. ”

    76 was one of the bets UFCs ever, unless you mean on paper. Even then it was decent. You are just joking, right?

    I hope they change 78 to a Fight Night. Then I can go to the event and still respect myself.

  • Swedish guy

    I was really surprised to hear in the latest Low blow that y’all didn’t like 76, since usually i tend to agree with you on which fights are awesome and which are sleeping pills, and I think 76 was one of the best of late.

  • Rollo the Cat

    The thing about 78 is that it is within the UFC’s control to make it better. When Henderson told them he wanted to fight Rampage at a later date because his wife was going to give birth around that time, they strong armed him. Now with all the talent fighting in December, are you telling me they couldn’t get a couple of the top names to go to Newark in November?

  • Swedish guy
  • Teufel

    If Tito backs out, Evans vs Henderson would be a good match-up, especially considering both guys are around the same size nowadays. Probably wouldn’t generate huge PPVs buys, but it’s a fight I’d much rather see than Evans vs The Blonde Gorilla 2.

  • http://pridefc.com Jerry Millen

    Guys, feast your eyes on Hector Lombard: He is a Cuban Judoka (placed 5th in the 2000 Summer Olympic) with heavy hands. And just by the look of him, he looks like a mini Sokojou. Here’s a highlight reel of him. Like Karo, Hector loves utilizing judo throws in MMA matches.


  • http://pridefc.com Jerry Millen

    It’s also interesting to note that Hector fights mostly in the middle weight division (185 lb / 84 kg) and he is currently the light heavyweight XFC champ (200 lb). I wonder if the fight with Karo will be a catch weight fight since it will be hard for him to cut to 170 lbs.

  • Xavier

    They should have Hogan fight Andre.

    Oh wait, you mean this is a sport, right? Yeah, then rematches DO make sense. Crazy.

  • kermit_01

    I’m nervous about the 77 card. I’m excited to see Rich, and will be pulling for him to win, but I’m not going to bet the baby’s milk money on it.

    Aside from that I’m very exited to see Tim Sylvia catch a Vera beat down. In fact if they’d just book Tim at each UFC so I could boo him it’d be worth the money. He woudn’t even have to fight, just make a few laps around the ring, so off his moobies, (man-boobies for the layman). Yea I’d pay for that..

  • http://www.fightlinker.com fightlinker

    Swedish Guy : What’s up with the disko junktion link, it wants me to log in but it’s all in swedish.

    And making Hector the main event would be like making Jacare a main event. You can’t just bring people in from other promotions / sports and be like TAADAAA!

  • john

    We have been enjoying watching Hector fight here in Oz for a while, and he’s normally super entertaining and aggressive until he gasses (which is normally after round 1). Every fight he’s been either end before the 1st for a KO victory for him, or he goes on and loses the fight.

  • Rollo the Cat

    “And making Hector the main event would be like making Jacare a main event. You can’t just bring people in from other promotions / sports and be like TAADAAA!”

    Plus what John said. Hector has lost both his fights in Pride. I don’t get the hype around this guy. Must be Zuffa employees working the message board. “WoW guys! Lombard is a beast!” No, he is a B level MMA fighter right now.

  • Mr. Theplague

    I was at a cagefighting thing in an Olympia casino yesterday that Tito and Jenna came to. At one point Tito got on the mic and said among various plugs “If you guys wanna know who my next opponent will be, it’s either Wanderlei or Rashad.” Food for thought.

  • Zurich

    Teach Tito a lesson and book him in a main event vs. Lyoto…

  • http://www.fightlinker.com fightlinker

    Thanks for the heads up Mr. Theplague … new post written about this!

  • jazzn

    Much rather see Tito vs Wanderlei..

  • Mr. Theplague
  • Andrej

    Love UFC 78’s Card – Frankie Edgar/Spencer Fisher, Ryo Chonan/Thiago Alves, Tito vs Hendo, Hector Lombard/Karyo Parisyan. Fun Match’s that are intresting. Why the fucking hate? I Would pay to see that card. You know how the saying goes- your damned if you try and build fighter’s and your damned if you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Swedish guy

    Sry linker for forcin’ you off-topic with a stupid link, I found it hilarious in the midst of yesterday’s hangoverness so I thought I’d share the fun, but for some reason you can’t see the picture? I’m not logged in or anything (it seems to be a Norwegian forum and I guess the guy in the picture is Norwegian too), I just got it zeh mighty msn and it worked for me.
    Anyway, instead of going on and on about this I should just apologize for posting a link that required signing up but since I guess I’ve raised at least some curiousity I uploaded the pic, so have a quick peek:
    It’s not all that fun today though. Strange.

  • http://MMACritique.blogspot.com Thomas

    Andrej- Love UFC 78’s Card – Frankie Edgar/Spencer Fisher, Ryo Chonan/Thiago Alves, Tito vs Hendo, Hector Lombard/Karyo Parisyan. Fun Match’s that are intresting.

    Well Hendo is not announced to fight Titio. They’re still pushing the rematch with Rashad as the main event.

  • http://www.myspace.com/96273771 Tommy

    Is there really anyone left on the planet willing to pay to see Tito fight?

  • http://www.myspace.com/96273771 Tommy

    No one can say Tito can’t learn though. Jenna has taught him to be as big a money whore as she is.

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