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Tito Ortiz Breaks Neck, Bellator PPV Now Free on SpikeTV, Dana White Laughs

Tito Ortiz Breaks Neck, Bellator PPV Now Free on SpikeTV, Dana White Laughs

Boy, today has been a doozy of a day.

First came the breaking news that Tito Ortiz – who was set to headline Bellator’s first-ever pay-per-view card on November 2 – had injured his neck and was out of his match-up against fellow UFC vet Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. That lead to this immediate Twitter response from Dana White (which, really, is par for the course, but entertaining nonethless).

Then came about a half an hour of wild speculation and jokes on Twitter, such as:

Then came the conference call, hosted by Bellator frontman Bjorn Rebney, which announced that Ortiz has indeed fractured his neck, and the November 2 show would now be on SpikeTV for free, with the eagerly-anticipated rematch between Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez as the main event.

Tough break (pun intended) for Ortiz, but this is really the best-case scenario for Bellator (who was likely going to lose a ton of dough on this pay-per-view pipedream), SpikeTV (who gets a monster show next Saturday night) and the fans. Are any of you cheap bastards going to watch this event now that it’s free?

  • blek tek

    Free, HD airing of the rematch to my favorite fight of the last 10 years? You betcha i bees watch.

  • obamacare

    Best title, title best!

    Besting title…

  • MT

    Tito is a head case, but he also made the UFC grow in size and wealth for 5+ years. Dana must have been bullied when he was growing up. Bjorn is a smart guy that deserves credit for giving fighters an option. Bellator has come a long way in the past 3 years. The event next week without Tito is worthy of PPV. Can you imagine how Dana would do as the President of the NFL or Bellator? Bjorn’s jock size and mental capacity are 3X larger than the Baldfather. I support fighters, Dana White and his mob buddies. Tito, Rampage, Frank, Randy, and many others have left the organization because of Dana’s selfish / punk behavior. Keep up the good work Bellator, your fan base is growing, not to mention you have the best 155 & 170 pound champions in MMA. No disrespect to GSP, he’s a legend and needs to retire as the best 170 pound fighter in the history of the sport. Also, GSP has never been a Dana nut hugger, that’s what why he will always be respected as “The Man.” Fuck off Dana, I look forward to the day you get crushed…you scumb bag.

  • MT

    Clarification..I do not support Dan and his roid partners.