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Tito Ortiz shows up on TNA

Watch Viacom synergize their confluent properties or some junk by having new Bellator signee Tito Ortiz on their TNA wrasslin show.

Ortiz did not speak during his segment, coming down the ramp to simply stare at Jackson and a handful of stunned TNA stars while the announcers expressed shock over the development. He is expected to have a more prominent role on next week’s offering.

Please let him speak. Oh please.

  • Cory Braiterman

    I heard that tito ortiz married tna.

  • Sheps

    Dudes in sports coats shouting at dudes in leather cut off jackets and jeans, all capped up by a giant headed Tito Ortiz trying his hardest, yet failing, to look like a badass……

    How does wrestling STILL exist!?

  • MMA Fags Suck

    You MMA fags suck! Go eat a dick!