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TMZ Either Lying About Anderson Silva or Telling the Truth

TMZ Either Lying About Anderson Silva or Telling the Truth

It’s a sad world we live in when unabashed gossip site is a legitimate and viable source for news in the MMA world, but their track record is such that when they post something, we at least have to accept it as something that could possibly be true. That said, they reportedly spoke to Anderson Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, and got some insight into Silva’s recovery and future.

Anderson Silva will NOT retire from the UFC after suffering a gruesome leg injury last week … so says Spider’s longtime manager, who tells TMZ Sports “Trust me, he will be back.”

We spoke with Jorge Guimaraes … who says the 38-year-old is in great spirits after undergoing surgery on the leg that Chris Weidman cracked in half at UFC 168.

“He had his second X-ray [Thursday] and everything looks great. It was a clean break so the nerves are okay. He’s already started physical therapy and he’s moving his toes.”

Jorge says Silva is extremely confident he’ll return to the octogon after he recovers — despite rumors he’s considering hanging up his trunks for good.

Silva’s currently in LA recovering with his family … and doctors say he could be able to resume training in 6-9 months.

As TMZ is the same outlet that declared Kimo Leopoldo dead (false) and said that Georges St. Pierre has baby-mama drama and a dying father (maybe true, maybe not), take the above with a huge grain of salt. But it’s worth reporting on the chance that it could be true.

  • robthom

    Thats what happens when dana-mma becomes as legitimate as TMZ.

    @ anderson,
    this is starting to become the most entertaining phase of his career.
    Whats he gonna do next?
    Bring a banana peel in the ring and slip on it?

    How long do you think he can drag this out?

    Maybe he should get on trt, that might help.
    At least he’d be able to fight on two broken legs without noticing.