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To retire or not to retire, that is the question

While the unemployment hammer hasn’t fallen on anyone from UFC 133 yet, there have been some fighters taking fate in their own hands and making decisions about their careers. First up, Matt Hamill, who’s heart hasn’t exactly looked into things as his thunderous double legs started looking more like an old man picking trash up off the ground by the end.

Hamill explained his decision through a message on his website where he wrote, “Today is a sad day for me. After six years and 13 fights in the UFC I’m ready to hang up my gloves and retire from this amazing sport.”

“The UFC has been extremely good to me and given me an opportunity to make a great living,” he continued. “That exposure has allowed me options outside the Octagon as well. I just don’t have it in me to fight anymore and my last two performances have shown that… I can’t continue to fight without having the hunger and desire to do so.”

Wow, an MMA fighter who retired gracefully. Call Ripley’s! Now on his list of inspirational accomplishments, he can add ‘Knowing when enough is enough’ to the list.

Then there’s Jorge Rivera, who looked like the poops against some guy at UFC 133. What’s his decision? His management had this to say:

Jorge Rivera is not done fighting and will remain in the UFC. He appreciates everyone’s support and has no plans to retire just yet.

Here’s hoping El Conquistador wins his next fight and then catches Bisping on the rebound after the Count loses to Mayhem Miller. Then he can end his career knowing he may not have won a UFC belt, but he belted a UFC douchebag and we’ll all forever be grateful for his service.

Last but not least, it was finally made official just before UFC 133 that a longstanding UFC vet was released following a pretty bad skid. Guess who it is and click ‘Read More’ to see if you’re right…

RIP Joe Daddy:

MMAFighting reports that TUF 2 winner Joe “Daddy” Stevenson has been released by Zuffa following his fourth straight loss in a row to Javier Vazquez at UFC Live: Kongo vs. Barry on June 26. With the firing, Stevenson, who is 8-8 in 16 UFC fights joins just three other TUF  winners — Travis Lutter (season 4), Kendall Grove (season 3) and Efrain Escudero (season 8), to be released by the promotion.

Joe had a good run though … 6 years in the UFC shark tank is pretty effing impressive. I’ve got a new theory that fighters should plan for two years and pray for five, and anything more than that is just delusional thinking that’ll leave you with moths in your wallet and really expensive car and mortgage payments wondering what went wrong.

  • frickshun

    Wow Joe Daddy. Even though he hit a bad skid, the guy beat the shit out of Guillard. That’s gotta count for something, no? It’s gotta.

  • SST

    Yeah! Stephenson’s been stinking up the place for far too long.

  • lukustra

    look, nobody likes spitsping, but hes in another class compared to Rivera. Though we dont like to admit it, Bisping has very solid standup, good takedown defense for a brit, and good gnp and grappling. hes a pretty well rounded fighter. Jorge has been extraordinarily overrated. he has litteraly not came through against one upper tier fighter.

  • CAP

    Joe Daddy had a good run. Not many get to lose 4 in a row.

  • Symbul

    Joe’s just done, physically. He’s passed that mark where guys are just too physically old and there’s no “coming back” after it. Same with Hamill, he knows how to shoot a double-leg, he just physically couldn’t anymore.

  • whitebelt

    Never was the same after BJ pushed his shit in

  • CAP

  • Redping

    Lukustrra, if Bisping was the better fighter than Jorge, why would he need to cheat so rampantly in order to avoid fighting him? It seemed to me once Jorge started getting back to his feet, Bisping realised he wasn’t going to a win a fight if he couldn’t keep the guy down, so he cheated. At least thats the only explanation I can come up with, there’s really no chance that the knee was accidental, I have to think it came from fear. If only it happened outside Aus so it could’ve been declared a no-contest

  • Nachtfalter

    Three Jorge Riveras couldn’t beat one Michael Bisping. Rivera just lost to a borderline can. He has no business whatsoever being in the UFC and I am pretty confident that Joe Silva won’t be stupid enough to waste Bisping’s time with another Rivera fight.

  • CAP

    ^Unless Miller embarrasses him. Then they’ll prop him back up.