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Tonight! Strikeforce Challengers + chat

No need to ask why I’m tuning in. Show starts at 11pm on Showtime and the chat will be up so we can cheer Ronda Rousey on to another victory that takes just over a minute. It’ll be UFC on FOX all over again, but without the anxious fears that the Almighty Mainstream didn’t enjoy the taste of our sport’s pee-pee.

  • Steve W

    Over a minute? Do you really think Budd is going to put up that much of a fight?

  • frickshun

    Such a cute face on such a mannish body….

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Her body is no joke.  She brings it in the cage too.  I think she smokes some Budd, then throws down with Nunes before tapping Cyborg in an epic scrap that gets womyn’s fighting some cred.

    Then someone follows it up with a sloppy scrap and sets ‘em right back where they were.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Isn’t Ronda dropping down to 135 soon?

  • Redping

    people are re-caranoing this girl. It’s going to be brutal when Cyborg completely destroys her face and blood is sent flying over the canvas and nobody wants to think about WMMA for another whole year

  • Remico

    Nobody wants to think about WMMA right now.

    WMMA is to MMA fans as pedophelia is to Michael Jackson fans, a dirty shameful secret we hope no one brings up.

  • glassjawsh


  • CAP