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Travis Lutter: MMA fans suck

Now I’m not an expert on getting people to like me. Actually, I’m pretty good at getting them to like me but then down the road it all goes Single White Female. But from what I know about likes and dislikes and getting people to dig you, I know one thing for sure: telling people they suck generally doesn’t work:

Lutter: The other crazy thing you didn’t bring up is – and you can post this or not post this – fans of this sport just suck.

Fight Ticker: Oh ok. Talk to me about that a little.

Lutter: In my interview on the Countdown show, I talked about people sending the guy hate mail and stuff like that and I got hate mail from that. You lose, you get hate mail. You say, “I think I can beat this guy” [and] you get hate mail.

It’s crazy. It’s literally – I don’t understand the people that are watching this. It’s a total lack of disrespect for the fighters. Some of them I wrote back, “What have you done? What have you accomplished with your pathetic life?” It’s not a nice thing to say but it just sucks having these guys write to you and say the things that they say. It’s crazy. It really is.

I’m not like Serra where you’re just – Serra could give a fuck. People suck. I think it’s amazing. I definitely don’t fight for those people. I fight for me. Use that in your article or not, whatever. But, fans suck.

Fight Ticker: Let me just follow up on that. I hear what you’re saying. Would you say it’s because MMA fans are really passionate or what do you think is motivating them to say what they say?

Lutter: I think most of them are dumb-ass kids. I’m not saying MMA fans. I’m saying the people that are writing me this shit. I think the average MMA fan rules. They’re following my sport. I like them a lot.

But, the guy who is taking the time out of his day that lives in Kentucky to email me to tell me what a piece of shit I am. You really have to question, what is his motivation? How sad of an individual is that? I don’t know what to say to that. It’s like, “I saw you on TV so you suck. As a fighter you suck. You’ve got no cardio, blah blah blah.” What motivates these guys to send hate mail? I don’t understand it.

Maybe I shouldn’t even touch on this subject. It’s one of those things. I’m sure Serra’s getting hate mail too. Whoever is getting hate mail. Kalib Starnes – he got fired from the UFC for his performance. And that was a bad performance. He didn’t fight.

Me, I went in there, I tried to kill the guy and I ended up getting beat and I’m getting an amazing amount of hate mail. I don’t understand it from a fighter’s perspective.

It’s funny how under the bluster he’s basically saying all this hate makes him cry at night. Matt Serra just lets it roll off his back, but not Travis. And hey, I can relate to a degree. Even the people who love Fightlinker hate on us. Damn, they LOVE to HATE us. But I’ll take a seething mass of haters over a bunch of people who just don’t give a damn. That’s why we’re proud of our jackals.

That’s the funny thing about all these ‘sucky fans': they pay the bills, they support you. They hate you, and they will go out of their way to see you fight in the hopes of seeing you lose. It’s kinda strange and sadistic, but a hater is just as good as a fan. Marketers have a saying: “A happy customer tells no one, but an angry one tells EVERYONE”. Your fans aren’t going to send you nonstop love letters, and they’re not going to spread your name to their friends. It’s the “Travis Lutter is a lazy shitface” guys who have made you famous.

If the UFC decides they’ve had enough of you now, it’s all those people who have cursed you roundly day after day to anyone who’ll listen who have elevated your status to the point where you’ll continue to be able to fight for good money. It’s when no one cares either way what you’re up to that you know you’re in trouble.

  • Atom

    “Its a total lack of disrespect for the fighters”

    Well said, Travis, well said.

  • Atom


    I hate you Ryan Harkness.

    I fucking HATE YOU!

    …. and i will continue to read your blog.

  • Jackie Chiles

    Lutter is not thick skinned enough for the spotlight obviously and he has shown that time and again.

  • garth

    lutter also mentions that “he got unlucky” against rich franklin. He got unlucky in that he forgot how to jog or ride a bike. he lost on cardio.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    Luther loses because
    A) MMA fans suck or
    B)Burgers, fries, soda and no cardio

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie

    I love how he intimates that was a lucky escape by Rich. In Luthers stupid mind he almost beat Silva and Franklin

  • Lifer

    he looks so much like the yellow dude from sin city in that picture. it’s freaking me out. also props for that double negative. im going to send him some hatemail about his bullshit cardio and inability to express himself in his native language.

  • andres

    Ryan harkness there are times I love you but wen you lazy ass doesn’t post I feel the same hate that any stepfather feels for the redheaded child

  • S. Jennum

    Umm, some MMA fans do indeed suck. You’ve got to be pretty pathetic to send someone you’ve never met in your life an email telling them they suck just because they lost a match.

  • Jim Brown’s Long Lost Son

    MMA fans in general sucks… but you know what really sucks?

    Travis Lutter.

  • Jemaleddin

    Here’s the thing: I get why Serra would be upset at his hate-mail. People don’t like him, but it’s not as though he’s a disappointing fighter (recent total GSP-ownage notwithstanding). But he’s not mad. It’s the guy who legitimately gives fans a reason to hate him that is crying into his pillow.

    Dude, quit checking your email and get on a bike. Better yet, mount a laptop on an exercise bike. Something!

  • alex

    @ S. Jennum

    You’re right, the real fans post comments on blogs. Lutter suuuuuuuuuuuuxxxx!!!1

    Actually the reason fighters get hate-mail is not that they lose. It’s that they lose twice in embarrassing fashion and then talk shit about the other fighters and the paying fans. I’m looking at you, travis and kalib

  • Erin

    Fans of anything sometimes have a tendancy to suck. Does he think that movie stars or football players don’t have poeple screaming to high heaven how much they suck? It’s human nature to be assholes, especially when you have some level of anonymity to hide behind.

    Lutter chose to be a public figure and now he needs to deal with it.

  • Mike_N

    After reading the whole interview, I thought that Lutter came off a bit more sympathetically.

  • Swedish guy

    I love how he’s all whaaaa whhaaaa whhaaaa don’t disrespect fighters and then all …. except Kalib, because he sucks… whaaaaa.

  • fightlinker

    I’m sympathetic but at the same time a lot of the shit talking is just on another level. When people say I suck and they think i’m an idiot, it’s not in the same ‘real’ way you’d reserve for someone you REALLY hate. It’s very one dimensional and you just gotta look past it.

    Before TUF4, I didn’t care about lutter at all. Now he’s a name and he’ll always be able to make a living off MMA – and it’s because people don’t like him. It’s too bad the guy wants to be liked because he could play a really good heel, up there with Koscheck and Serra. And someday a fighter will come along that people like less and then Lutter will suddenly be the star.

    That’s sports, that’s entertainment, that’s life

  • asa

    After much dismissal it starts to seem like he’s accepting his training deficiencies, and then …

    but for sure by next Monday I’ll be back doing everything I usually do.”

    Oy. His need to control his own “destiny” seems likely to negate his potential.

  • Captain

    He’s right in that you are pretty sad if you spend your time sending fighters hate mail. But he’s still an immature whiny bitch and deserves any hate mail he gets as a result of that interview. Fuckin yellow bastard.

    To Ryan and Jake, no matter how many readers or other bloggers hate you, just remember, you’ll always have each other.

  • Spork

    Someone complains about hate mail and you dont inculde their email address?


    I mean really?

  • jd

    1) why does he read all these emails. Too much time on his hands?
    2) How do we get his direct email address?
    3) It’s a part of being in the public eye. Most people will not like you. Deal with it or stop being a fighter.

  • Lifer

    don’t get me wrong, i’m totally down with the knowledge that most mma fans are retards.. i just cant abide lutter’s ugly melon.

  • Xavier

    Lutter is 100% correct.

    But he’s still a mouthy dick.

  • Lifer

    maybe i should change my statement to UFC fans. i think if he changed his statement to UFC fans it would have more of a ring of truth to it.

  • Dangerfield

    I suck.

  • Higgz

    “I hate you Ryan Harkness.

    I fucking HATE YOU!

    …. and i will continue to read your blog.”

    Well said…well said.

  • Brian – MMAStation

    We as fans do suck sometimes. We are quick to trash a guy for a bad performance. But we have the right to do so as essentially we are the ones paying these guys. We are also some of the first ones to defend this sport and its fighters.

  • garth

    brain makes a very good point…when some fans are bagging on fighters, it’s kind of an “in the family” thing, however stupid it is for a pasty fat guy (like me) to think he’s in any way related other than fanhood. but we WILL defend MMA, the thing these guys make a living off of, against all comers. so there’s a certain amount of “We’re on your side! Why do you fucking suck so bad!”

  • Gilbert

    I don’t think its fair for the guy to get a backlash of hate mail from a bad performance – but for a performance like that, gassing completely in round 2, I think that the UFC should have a few words for him. I mean he was basically swimming around Rich’s ankles for the better part of the fight. Ugly.

  • Andrew

    Anyone else think that Lutter looks alittle like Roark Jr/ Yellow Bastard from Sin City in that photo?

  • nephildevil

    hatefans, a new kind of fan?

    That’s the funny thing about all these ’sucky fans’: they pay the bills, they support you. They hate you, and they will go out of their way to see you fight in the hopes of seeing you lose. It’s kinda strange and sadistic, but a hater is just as good as a fan. Marketers have a saying: “A happy customer tells no one, but an angry one tells EVERYONE”. Your fans aren’t going to send you nonstop love letters, and they’re not going to spread your name to their friends.

    hatefans, hahaha i like the concept

  • Kel

    I Suck

    …On another note, maybe facebook isn’t for you Travis, or is it Yellowman….