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Trigg never gets told anything

First he didn’t know anything about a fight with Paulo Filho. Now he doesn’t know anything about a fight with Edwin Dewees. Maybe Frank Trigg needs to let random people be his agent because it seems like they’re doing a better job than him at setting up fights:

The UFC and PRIDE veteran, and former Icon Sport middleweight champion, today said that he has no knowledge of a rumored fight with fellow UFC veteran Edwin Dewees. During today’s edition of TAGG Radio, Trigg said he had heard the rumors of the Dec. 15 bout but that he hasn’t even signed with the organization.

  • steve24

    I wonder how he makes a living since he hardly seems to fight anymore.

  • Thomas

    Trigg could go fall off a skyscraper for all I care.

  • frickshun

    I don’t get all the Trigg hate. I thought he looked really good in the last fight I saw (Pride 33). I like some arrogance in fighters. I hope he does end up fighting soon but I’m just as happy hearing him commentate.

  • Xavier

    You don’t get all the Trigg hate?


    Not to mention the asstastic Trigg radio.

  • hankd

    mmahaven nails another one…lol

    I don’t know why Trigg denied it on his radio show yesterday when the ink was about to dry…makes him look stupid…

  • Jack

    Well he did finally announce it via TaggRadio myspace:


    our very own, frank “twinkle toes” trigg has signed to fight edwin dewees on dec 15 in dallas, tx for mark cuban’s new mma promotion, hdnet fights.

    trigg will be the co-main event for the evening along with jason “mayhem” miller fighting sean salmon.

    this will be trigg’s third fight this year, he is 1-1 with a win over kazuo misaki and a loss to robbie lawler. trigg’s record is 17-6 and he is one of only a few fighters to hold a world championship in two different weight classes. ironically, one of those titles was won over mayhem last november in hawaii.

    taggradio will be in dallas to support trigg. we wish him the best of luck and it’s great to watch him compete again in mma. anyone near dallas, come out and support.

  • marshal

    Trigg knows Bo Diddley.

  • kentyman

    …and taps like Bo Cantrell.

    Too late?