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TUF had it’s moments too … you just didn’t see them

The Hendo / Babs event in St Louis wasn’t the only show with some crazy highlights. Here’s some of the action you didn’t see on the TUF finale undercard. Is it any surprise both these sick finishes came from the new lighter divisions? Pablo Garza KOs Fredson Paixao and Nick Pace ‘pace chokes’ Will Campuzano. If you’re wondering how Pace got overlooked for submission of the night (which went to Cody McKenzie choking out the Albino Brit), it might have something to do with him missing weight…

  • Blackula Jonez

    He ruined the first bantamweight fight in UFC history, but at least he gave us a cool choke.

    And the Garza Knee was brutal as fuck, surprised they opted to show Cody guillotine someone yet again but since he was on TUF he gets top billing over a more violent and aesthetically pleasing finish

  • CAP

    Damn that knee was on the money!

  • Trol

    Not making weight instantly puts you on Dana White’s shitlist. Although Cody’s jaw in guillotine was badass as well.

  • fightlinker

    I’m surprised you don’t see it more often. It’s a pain hold so many won’t tap but squeezing hard enough will fuck shit up

  • P W

    What a bummer we didn’t get to see those.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I cannot believe I had to sit through Hendricks/Story, instead of these.

  • Trol

    lmao at the flying tackle from the ref. Was that Mazzagatti?

  • SST

    ^^that was sweet tackle. too bad he didn’t get ko by the hammer fist. that would have secured a ko bonus.

  • SST

    that bottom sub was sweet. anyone know what the bottom sub is called? it’s like an arm in gogoplata or reverse gogo. first one I’ve seen.

  • agentsmith


  • scissors61

    That’s a sick choke.

  • CAP

    The Maz is on point now that he isn’t preoccupied with that stache.

  • Schrute Boxe

    shame those wmma awards didn’t happen next week as Garza/Paixao, Daley/Smith and Lawler/Lindland are chock full of more awesomeness that any of the prior candidates for KO of the year

  • glassjawsh
  • Symbul

    Damn, Steve Mazzagatti’s got some moves.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Maaaan, Frausto’s was pretty dope.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Standing ground and point > ground and pound from mount.

  • Schrute Boxe

    damn forgot about Frausto’s

  • bjjinmma

    They are calling it a “Pace Choke” – naming after the dude. Pretty crazy – It’s basically a triangle from half-guard, using arm as a replacement for your trapped leg. Apparently still gets the blood choke. Supposedly the guy came up with it in his training camp.

    Here’s a link to the article explaining this new brazilian jiu jitsu submission.

    Props to Steve Mazagatti there! Now that’s how you stop a fight! After Faber held his RNC on Mizugaki for about 10 seconds, the UFC refs probably had something to prove as far as protecting their fighters.