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TUF: The Smashes, episode the first

G’day, mates!  Crikey and whatnot!  Grab a couple Fosters and check out the first episode of what should have been called “TUF: Oz vs Old Blighty” or anything other than an obscure cricket reference that probably has to be explained even to most Aussies and Brits.  TUF Brazil was of course in Port-joo-geese with English subtitles, so here’s hoping this one’s entirely in Aussie slang, because it’s awesome.

  • Letibleu

    Here is a screenshot of the guy falling after getting KO’ed. Notice the really creepy one eye rolled back and the other looking forward thing going on

  • Jim

    The reference is to the most famous competition in all of cricket, so no, it’s not even remotely obscure to an Australian or a Brit, that’s why it’s an excellent title.

    Video is taking hours and hours to buffer for some dumb reason.