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Two Faced

Thanks to Letibleu

The UFC 145 chat will be up from 7PM onwards for all your Jones’n’Evans needs. Then stick around afterwards for an incredible expanding post!

  • Reverend Clint

    please click on it for the best resolution since the site raped the image

  • TheAnusEnthusiast


  • Sharavati

    Mir didn’t just Catch him , he applied text book BJJ in that first match suetbtmid him. MMA is a game of adjustments. Once people catch on to Lesnar’s strengths and how he uses them, they can beat him easily like Cain did. Mir did not do the proper adjustments going into the second fight. He was way too cocky and over confidant. Mir’s corner kept telling him NOT TO LET LESNAR wrap his head. They kept telling him to use a low guard use wrist control but Mir was too cocky to listen.

  • mjvgeu

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