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Two Idiots and a Comic…

What do you get when you cross two web noobs, a comic, and a bunch of CSS that neither of them understand? You get a comic that’s been sitting in limbo for over 3 months! Yes, we are pained to admit it, but Ryan and myself are just completely incapable of making the CSS work for the comic.

This is why, rather than despair and say goodnight to this most valid concept, we are reaching to you, our beloved Jackals, for help. We need someone to assist us in converting a very basic comicpress theme to match how the rest of the site looks. Everything is setup; we just need help making it look right. Frankly, I spent days on it and just wanted to shoot myself. It’s like a rubix cube from hell … when it looks good in Firefox, it sucks in IE. And vice versa.

So to anyone who responds to this post and is serious, I’ll shoot you a quick email, and we can get cracking on it. The sooner we have help, the quicker you’ll all be rewarded to what is perhaps the most over-hyped part of the site. See you soon, comic fans.


  • igorpunck

    i’ll help you out.
    just one question, what is CSS?

  • Shaun

    I wouldn’t mind lending a hand.

  • Erin

    Stan Lee refrence for The Win.

  • dulljake

    well, i did read and memorize the complete marvel encyclopedia….haha, I’m a delightful nerd…

  • stellar53
  • Fatal Error

    I’m a web developer and pretty handy with CSS, shoot me an email and we’ll see if I can help your grape loving asses.

  • Lifer

    just put up a banner that says LOOKS BETTER IN IE and you can spend more time on drinking, merry-making and pretending you’re successful with the ladies.

  • Kris

    Why try to use a different theme and not just use a page template? I can give it a try as well.

  • John

    Ill lend moral support

  • Thomas

    Go Team Fightlinker Asemble

  • bubba

    I’ll sit here and mock from the sidelines… Fightlinker. :)

  • Vale Nada

    I will perform quality control.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Any live activities for the WEC tonight?

  • RoB

    everybody loves america when they need our

  • igorpunck

    i would be the guy who brings coffee or beer or donuts. only if you were from Toronto.

  • marshal

    IFL’s retarded cousin of CSS.

  • nem0

    You’ve probably got enough help by now, but I’ve been doing web dev for 12 years. Give me a shout if you still need help.