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Two more fighters not named Cyborg added to women’s bantamweight division


The UFC has announced another fight in the women’s bantamweight division, featuring Miesha Tate of Strikeforce fame and undefeated one-time Invicta veteran Cat Zingano who will fight on the April 17th TUF 17 Finale.

The UFC’s nascent women’s division will have its sophomore scrap between two of its top athletes as former Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate takes on rising star Cat Zingano.

It’s still anyone’s guess what the UFC’s long-term plans are for the girls and there’s still not much in the way of clarity in the women’s bantamweight division that hasn’t even officially debuted yet. But Zingano is 7-0 with wins over middling veterans Carina Damm and Takayo Hashi and it seems that the winner will probably earn a title fight this summer with the winner of Rousey-Carmouche at UFC 157 if no compromise arises in Tito Ortiz’s noble battle to protect Cyborg’s bionic uterus.

I’m trying to avoid being really cynical about Zingano because the whole “undefeated dark horse” thing kind of reminds me of those mid-to-late-2000s UFC prelims which always seemed to have some undefeated future journeyman (Jason Reinhardt, anyone?), but she looked pretty good choking out Raquel Pennington in Invicta.

The other positive from this story: the UFC is indeed at work signing fighters from Invicta.  They’re the best developer of female talent these days with 11-15 fights on each of their first four cards and it would be nice if they could slide into the role of female WEC, but we’ll probably have to wait and see how UFC 157 sells before the Fertittas even consider slapping Invicta on the butt with their checkbook.

  • kvelertak

    I love how the UFC is turning into Pride.


    The UFC is getting more and more watered down. I have no interest in watching WMMA (even on free TV) and will NEVER fork over a single cent to watch a card that has a women’s match.

    This silly little experiment needs to end ASAP.

  • Just Dave

    Shaddap u sexist twat

  • Ian

    I agree with short bus. Women belong in the kitchen not the cage

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That sounds like a lot of hate if you’ll deny hard-working men money because they’re trying to give someone else a platform to develop their skills.

    No wonder you choked Ms. Lovelace.

  • agentsmith

    ^ Unless it’s their own cage, am I right?

  • frickshun

    Fighter chicks are hot even when they’re not hot.


  • Truth Report

    I once saw Zingano trample her own toddler and fling a score keepers table to try to start a fight with a large man who was in the midst of a match at a small and local grappling tournament. Their academy has no class. May her face get punched hard.