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UFC 124


Nice commercial, but where’s the part where Koscheck tries to rip off the Paulo Thiago photo and the entire lockerbay falls on top of him? And if you really wanna get nitpicky, Dan Hardy’s picture probably deserved more of a loving rub from GSP than the tearing it gets.

  • AZ Bored

    Great commercial.

  • Tanhauser

    War Kos. So fucking sick of GSP.

  • Boog

    Better quit watching MMA now, then, brah. ‘Cause he ain’t going anywhere.

  • Blackula Jonez

    man this is going to be a good fight. and even though I think Kos is going to lose he has the best chance of defeating Boss Canada in the ufc’s 170 division imo.

    Seeing how Daniel Cormeir is their new wrestling coach and how that helped Cain, I see it being the deciding factor. Well that and GSP’s technical striking vs Kos’s KO power.

  • AZ Bored

    gsp uses strikes still?

  • Reverend Clint

    Kinda a homo trailer… its like these guys are tearing off the pics of sexual conquests and based on how they both fight thats not to far from the truth