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UFC 137 insanity continues: Penn vs. Diaz booked


This is crazy but here we go again! You wanted it so you got it. Penn vs Diaz Oct 27th in Vegas

And there you have it–BJ Penn’s replacement opponent for Carlos Condit is none other than Nick “Beauty Pageant” Diaz. MMA’s two most dangerous potheads (well, rumored pothead in BJ’s case) doing battle in the Octagon. Should be a good fight…if Diaz shows up. 

  • glassjawsh

    you should put this in the fight hotness catagory because of how sexy it is

    too bad diaz will probably ruin shit again

  • Reverend Clint

    better fight anyways since diaz doesnt deserve a title shot

  • Billytk

    Can’t believe Dana was stupid enough to give Diaz yet another great opportunity
    He should have stuck to his original stance and just fired Diaz all together

  • scissors61

    BJ’s going to tear Nick’s face up so bad. Penn by TKO 

  • glassjawsh

    ^ really really really really hope it turns into a sick jits battle

  • 32hunter

    it’s all bullshit we should get the fights we were promised Dana Jumped the gun, I can’t really blame him but he should’ve waited for cooler heads to prevail. we better get Diaz-vs GSP or Condit in a 5 rounder when the dust clears.

  • 32hunter

    Diaz by tko poor bj.

  • scissors61

    Diaz’s patty-cake boxing isn’t going to TKO a guy that light-heavyweights couldn’t knock down. The best Beauty Pageant can hope for is a decision 

  • glassjawsh

    dear 32 hunter, when Dana White and Nick Diaz are involved there are no cooler heads

  • scissors61

    Would also just put it out there that BJ Penn took down Jon Fitch. I think Nick’s takedown defense is just a liiiiittle more porous than Jon Fitch’s (or Frank Edgar’s, who he also took down). 

  • kvelertak

    OMG Dana is a fucking idiot bitch.

    He’s like that jilted fag lover who tells his crazy girlfriend to fuck off and then caves a night later when he’s got no pussy.

    On the come back.

    So stupid.

  • kvelertak

    And fuck every one of you honkies questioning if Diaz will show up because you bought Dana White’s line about Nick Diaz “letting you down”.

    Booo fucking hoo.

  • Komodo

    • Fuckin’ whatever.

    • =WAR BJ=

    • Lulz.

  • 32hunter

    he’s gonna gas him out, then body shots Penn will be tired as hell at the start of the second round and then it’s won’t be a real ko more like a frank shamrock type that’s why it’ll be a tko. no way Penn takes him down until it’s too late. damn it fuck me for starting to get excited about this fight.

  • fishead

    well… I *think* it’s safe to say that Penn isn’t likely to dive headfirst into a gogoplata while attempting a takedown.

  • SST

    Finally, that bald fuck came to his senses. I bet Lorenzo had a chat with him.

    BJ is gonna look like Gomi after the 2nd round, gassed and throwing haymaker hail marys. WAR DIAZ!

  • Redping

    BJ is pretty screwed here, he’s going to hit lazy hawaian mode pretty fast and start wondering why he ever came up from lightweight. Diaz gets an impressive tko of BJ in the latter part of the fight, when BJ’s takedowns stop working.

    Gracie jiujitsu motherfuckers, penn is a flexible man but gotta go with the gracies for the ground game, especially with nick’s ridiculous reach advantage in this one

  • scissors61

    Gracie jiu-jitsu? lol, BJ was training with Ralph Gracie when Diaz was still skipping classes in high school. Then he got a blackbelt from Nova Uniao and won the Mundials. And he’s rolled with Diaz before, so he knows his moves. If you think Diaz is going to outclass Penn on the mat you’re nuts. 

  • Oontyex

    yah bj is one of the fastest bjj black belts lol, dude is a champ!
    should be an awesome fight

  • noiseless

    i…have no idea what to say here. missed bj tho. go bj.

  • Night Rider

    I like these fights better personally , war Diaz/GSP.

  • glassjawsh

    pretty sure this fight will bring out the nut huggers/haters like few other lighter weight fights can. stoked for the flame wars

  • KeyboardWarrior

    I feel like I’ve won something here, good on him

  • Redping

    diaz just posted on fb with ‘Hey I’m just doing me. I thank you for the support . . . keep it up for my bout against BJ Penn . . . war’.

    So i don’t know, hopefully he’s got his shit together

  • thingvolds

    “you wanted it so you got it”?! lol no one wanted that. they wanted diaz vs gsp. the sad thing is danas sychophants will nod their heads and say “yes we wanted this. dana always gives us what we want”

  • Jarman

    whatever for who GSP fights…..Diaz or condit, it’d go the same. we all know it. BJ vs Diaz is a way better fight stylistically. Nothing is guaranteed in this fight. Their similarities and strengths should push each other to either a barn burner or a snoozefest. Either way better fights for BJ n Diaz.

  • lukustra

    all he did here was show that, aside from dumbass, heat of the moment decisions, theres virtually no reprocussions for Diaz’s “actions”
    aside for the UFC probably loosing a bunch of PPV and ticket sales by pulling Diaz. Winning!

  • lukustra

    I like how Dana tries to turn it around and act like hes appeasing us by booking this fight and this totally having nothing to do with the fact that they just signed Diaz to a huge contract and dont wanna waste him fighting a nobody. I’d still prefer the GSP fight but this also shows the type of hotheaded idiot Dana can be sometimes. “Not showing up to press conference, huh? HAH. Your big payday title shot is off! and the next day, I’ll book you to another high profile, big payday fight. that’ll show him!”

  • glassjawsh

    no clue why people are bitching about the switch. neither Diaz nor condit will/would do anything agains gsp except get snuggle fucked while flailing around helplessly attempting to look busy from the bottom. at least with the switch up we get to see the most exciting fight possible between two welterweight contenders before gsp dissapoints his way to another win

  • kvelertak

    I think this little mix up with shake up GSP mentally.

    Condit has a great chance.

  • Blackula Jonez

    ^word, not only is georges going to have to switch up the gameplan, he won’t have greg jackson in his corner to help him.


    I smell an upset.

  • frickshun

    I would have preferred Condit vs Penn but I’ll still enjoy the shit outta this fight.

  • scissors61

    I smell an upset.

    same here. or it might be the hardy and alves fights all over again :/ 

  • Reverend Clint

    condit is a better fighter imo. Diaz has been fighting has beens and nothings since before he left the UFC. Condit has been fighting pretty much the same but in the UFC and WEC.

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