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UFC 160 adds fight no one cares about


(This guy.  He’s an asshole.)

So taking a look at the UFC 160 card it appears to be pretty grand in so many ways: Cain and Bigfoot for the title, Reem and Junior, Maynard vs TJ Grant’s elbows, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Glover Texeira, maybe even the return of Mike Pyle’s uber mullet.  And then came the announcement that Colton Smith would be fighting Robert Whittaker in a “battle of the TUF champions” (I mean, really).  And lo, there was a collective “ugh” from everyone who loyally struggled through the past TUF seasons through sheer masochism alone, because no one wants to look at Colton Smith’s bitchface again.  Robert Whittaker is pretty much anonymous unless you streamed TUF: The Smashes on your laptop, in which case, good for you.  It was exponentially better than the Nelson/Carwin season.

Smith won all four of his fights via decision, while Whittaker went home with two KOs and the knockout of the season award.  So are Joe Silva and Dana White throwing this match in the no man’s land undercard in order to cut Smith during the next mass fighter extermination?  (The Secret works, right?  As long as I wish hard enough?)

  • Jimsterjam

    Couldn’t care less about this dirty fighter.

  • armchair cagefighter

    I’m wishing right along with ya.

  • armchair cagefighter

    Hello? Does this work?

  • kvelertak

    Nice tattoos

  • Rodriguez

    What did Colton Smith do to get all this hate from you? I don’t watch TUF but I also didn’t hear anything about this guy before.

  • Reverend Clint

    does he have any gut…. literally look at his stomach

  • Nepal

    I can no longer agonize my way through seasons of TUF, therefore I don’t know why this guy is such an asshole… other than he has a cross on his chest, which doesn’t make you an asshole necessarily but it does suggest stupidity.

    Therefore Hyan, please elaborate on why he is a cunt.

  • dick

    So fighter bashing is the new thing here?

  • shane

    I watched both seasons. I like fights even the bad ones. I am not sure why. I like both theses guy. Colton does have the army thing burned into his personality a little too deeply for my taste, but they both scrap.

  • Jimsterjam

    He faked touching gloves and went to punch his opponent instead

  • frickshun

    I think he’s a cunt. Case closed.