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UFC 77 Roll Call!

Okay peeps. As mentioned on our latest edition of the Low Blow, Jake and I are hopping on a bus and traveling the 21 hours from Montreal to Cincinnati for the UFC 77 show this weekend. Why the bus and not a private jet? It’s a long story, but to simplify things lets just say it’s Jake’s fault. Totally and completely Jake’s fault.

Anyways, the important thing is that we’re gonna be in town from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. Most of our time will probably be spent following the MMAJunkie guys around calling them names, but if any of the readers are also gonna be around it would be cool for us to discuss in here and maybe set up some kinda meeting at a bar or one of the UFC parties or whatnot.

With all the fighters we’ve told off over the past year, I feel like there’s safety in numbers and perhaps I’ll be able to escape from Ohio without a beating. And on a plus side this could also be a good opportunity to lynch Kevin Iole if we run into him.

  • steve24

    21 hours? On a bus? You guys ARE crazy!!

  • fightlinker

    It’s not too bad. I do the trans-atlantic on a regular basis + the Canada -> Australia trek too. I’m used to mega long travel times. Jake on the other hand doesn’t even own a passport

  • Ryan

    Good luck getting into the greatest country in the history of the universe, jerks. Yeah, like some wannabe-Frenchies can just stroll on in whenever they feel like it.

  • steve24

    If you have trouble getting into the US, just take a cruise down to the Cali border. Cross the Cali border and the US will give you free medical insurance, education, and food stamps. Dont worry about it, its on me.

  • Swedish guy

    Medical insurance? WTF is that? Oh yeah I forgot, you people have to pay your medical bills yourselves. ROFLMAO

  • Kris Karkoski

    I’ll be in Cincinnati from Friday around the time of the weigh-ins through Sunday. I’d be down for something. Right now the plan is to go to the pre-fight party by American Fighter before the fights on Saturday but no plans as of yet for Friday. I’ll keep an eye on the comments so we can at least meet sometime over the weekend.

  • Jemaleddin

    Swedish guy: Just to be clear and intellectually honest (I know, that’s rare around here), Swedes pay for their medical bills as well. It’s called taxes.

  • Matt

    If you give Kevin Iole a severe beating, I will set up a paypal account for you guys to get you out of the pokey. Our jails are filled with angry black people instead of drunk cannucks so be careful.

  • ted dibiase

    make sure to boo tim sylvia for me

  • DJ Hapa

    If you give me a ticket, I’ll be there too.

  • nem0

    I’d prefer my taxes to go towards health care and road construction and whatever instead of pork barrel special interest lobbyist purchased bullshit. But maybe that’s just me.

    Note to self: move to Sweden.

    On the off chance anyone reading this is from Montana, there’s a Fight Force show in Helena on Friday night. The last one kinda sucked, but since most of us rural folk can’t make it to Cincinnati, it’s better than nothing.

  • Kalak

    Yeah, we should all move to Sweden.

    Except, I wonder if professional MMA is even legal there..

  • Nate

    See you kids at the weigh-ins, you gonna be rockin’ Fight Linker shirts? I have a used t-shirt if you want to trade, it has a chicks ass on the back. My girlfriend just loves it.

  • jeff

    ya man get us some shirts and like i dont even know. were from canada and were trekkin up there by suv we live in toronto and its like 11 hour drive so we leavin 5am friday hopefully we make the weigh-ins and like wear some t-s and bring a few extra cuz we will def represent, fightlinker for life. any good parties besides the american fighter parties????

  • Jonathan

    I live in Oklahoma.

  • kermit.01

    I’ll be at the Weigh ins on Friday and likely the American Fighter party also. Haven’t decided if I want to brave any of the parties. I’m willing to be that Ohio is going to set some attendance records– not to mention it’ll likely be a record turn out for the Weigh ins.

    You’ve got my email–

    Hey while I’m thinking about it when are we going to get Fightlinker Shirts? I’d be sporting my Fightlinker shirt this weekend, if I had one– I guess I’ll just be forced to break out the American Fighter Shirt and support Rich.

  • ted dibiase

    if youre wearing a fightlinker tshirt you know youll see a few ppl snickering at you. I WANT ONE!!!

  • pf

    i just watched UFC 77: COUNTDOWN and now im pumped for ufc 77

  • Swedish guy

    Two years ago, North Korea lifted it’s ban on professional boxing. Now (afaik) it’s just Cuba, Norway and Sweden that are left in the dark zone. MMA is semi-legal though. Just not boxing. Or well, it’s kinda complicated.
    But you’re right, they’re trying to ban MMA, muay thai and such sports as well. They kinda missed them when putting the anti boxing law into practice.
    So if the choice is between MMA and healthcare I guess I wouldn’t encourage anybody to move to Sweden, what’s the use for free healthcare if you can’t get your ass busted up badly in a cage?

  • TJ from the north

    you dont wanna move to sweden believe me. i just have one word for you guys SYSTEMBOLAGET. thats the place you have to go to when you want to buy anthing that makes you drunk. the swedish government has the monopoly on all the booze in sweden and its overpriced, the selection is poor and the system suffers from corruption.

    i could go on about why sweden sucks but i have other stuff to do. BTW swedish people can tell you all day long how great sweden is but dont listen to them.

  • Kalak

    I´m just trying to keep score on the pros and cons of Sweden here.

    – Stupid laws restricting combat sports. Bad.
    – Tax funded health care for everyone. Good.
    – Systembolaget. Bad.
    – They invented deathmetal. Fucking awesome.

  • TJ from the north

    its true that systembolaget has one of the biggest selections in the world BUT for an entire country its pretty poor. i remember that i read that systembolaget had like 6000 diffrent products compared to denmark wich has about 20 000.