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Here it is folks, our post-event live show. Wondering what the fuck is up with the Ipecac bet? We’ll tell you, plus all our thoughts on the event!

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 **UPDATE** It’s all over! Thanks for listening, and the show will be posted up sometime later tonight when I sober up.

  • catch

    well done on the picks

  • Hickson Hracie

    Slap that bitch like Bas Rutten would !!!

  • Tommy

    What’s you guys thoughts on Nate Marquardt’s illegal blows? I mean a blatent knee to the head of a downed opponent is already one thing. But then to end the fight trying to crack your opponents neck in an illegal piledriver? How the Fuck does Joe not know that rule? Yet, it is good that Rogan doesn’t try to cover up a BS stoppage like other orgs. Not that I’m complaining, I did bet on Werdum.

  • clint notestine

    Please no more Reggae! AC/DC or Sandstorm!