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UFC 85 Picks and the Ipecac Finale

At long last the time has come. After a tie during UFC 84 left us without a loser in the Ipecac bet, we have regrouped and it’s time to settle this thing once for all. For those of you who weren’t aware, let me explain it to you again: and are going to predict the outcome of all the fights on the UFC 85 card. Each fight is up to three points, with a point being scored for predicting the winning fighter, and an extra point awarded for picking the right round and/or finish. Which means each fight is worth up to three points.

The person with the lowest number of points at the end of the event has to upload a video of themselves drinking ipecac. What’s ipecac? Wikipedia describes it as “an emetic substance, used to induce vomiting”, but you should probably just watch these videos so you understand how awesome the stuff is.

Last time there was a tie, but this time we’ve put in extra conditions to avoid that. In the event of a tie, the person with the most perfect (3 point) fights wins. If both of us have the same number, then it’s the person who picked the most winning fighters. Again, if this is a tie then we BOTH lose and we BOTH have to drink ipecac.

Now that you understand the rules, you can see how the picks above line up. Go here to read Cagepotato’s poorly thought out reasonings for his picks. And here’s my explanations:

Matt Hughes Vs. Thiago Alves – Hughes / R3 / TKO
Thiago Alves might be the next best thing but Matt Hughes was the best thing for several years. Just because Georges St Pierre whupped him twice doesn’t mean he’s lost his edge. Simply put, people who think Hughes is on his way to retirement are retards. From all accounts he’s ramping up for another go at the belt. Sure, that’s just gonna end the same way it did last time, but Thiago Alves isn’t quite near GSP’s level, or Hughes’ for that matter.

Michael Bisping Vs. Jason Day – Day / R2 / Sub
I’m all over Jason Day’s nuts. After watching him destroy Alan Belcher, I’m convinced that there’s no way Michael Bisping is gonna be able to take him out. Bisping nearly got taken out by Elvis Sinosic for god’s sake. So I anticipate one round of tenderization and then Bisping getting subbed out on top in the second.

Marcus Davis Vs. Mike Swick   – Swick / Dec
Davis has been on an upswing and Swick has been on a downswing. But Marcus hasn’t faced the kind of opponents Swick has, and has turned into a cocky motherfucker to boot. I’m expecting Swick to come in with a smart plan: put him on his back and don’t give Davis a chance to use his hands. This fight is simply too important for Swick to try and trade.

Nate Marquardt Vs. Thales Leites   – Marquardt / R2 / Sub
Personally I think that Marquardt is a boring fighter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he can win. Leites is good but not that good. I expect him to be overly aggressive and pay the price for it.

Fabricio Werdum Vs. Brandon Vera – Werdum / R3 / Sub
Werdum has never been KO’d, and Vera ain’t gonna be able to sub him. That means the only way he’d win is via decision. Since he’s been apologizing for a boring ass fight since the day after his loss to Tim Sylvia, I’m thinking that’s not an option in his mind. I expect him to come out super aggressive, and pay the price when Werdum submits him from the bottom.

Jorge Rivera Vs. Martin Kampmann – Kampmann / R1 / Sub
Lots of fans say “You’re only as good as your last fight”. Those fans are stupid. Sure, Jorge pulled off a successful gong-n-dash against Kendall Grove, but that doesn’t make up for years of inconsistant performances. Kampmann is a beast.

Matt Wiman Vs. Thiago Tavares   – Wiman / R2 / Sub
Everyone’s underestimating Wiman and overestimating Tavares. Tavares is the weakest of the UFC’s Thiago trio, and has a hard time finishing fights. Add the fact that he seemed completely stumped by Michihiro Omigawa (who Wiman pummelled for 3 rounds), and I think he’s just not that great. On the other hand, Matt Wiman keeps getting better. His jiu jitsu was wild and sloppy in his first two fights but in his third he put it all together and wasted his last opponent in three minutes.

Roan Carneiro Vs. Kevin Burns – Carneiro / R2 / Sub
Carneiro (or Mr Choke as I like to call him) gave Jon Fitch fits in the first round of their fight before Fitch’s corner told him to stop grappling with him. I expect Burns to end up on the ground and choked out.

Luiz Cane Vs. Jason Lambert – Cane / R1 / KO
Cane is supposed to be the next big thing at 205. Jason Lambert sucks. Cane knocks people out. Lambert gets knocked out. All of Cane’s fights end in the first round. Jason Lambert sucks.

Paul Taylor Vs. Jess Liaudin - Liaudin / R1 / Sub
Jess Liaudin is slick as shit on the ground and Paul Taylor looked like shit against Paul Kelly at UFC 80. That’s a recipe for a quick submission if I’ve ever seen one.

Antoni Hardonk Vs. Eddie Sanchez – Hardonk / R2 / Sub
Hardonk is a great kickboxer who prefers to use his terrible jiu jitsu. Eddie Sanchez is a self-styled brawler who can’t seem to knock anyone out. I’d say this is gonna be a sloppy fight that will end with Hardonk landing some kind of submission that will have Joe Rogan going “Wow, that’s not really how it’s supposed to be done, but I guess it worked.”

  • Omomatta

    Day and Swick? Good luck Fightlinker. Give the contents of your belly my best.

  • CagePotato/BG

    Good stuff. If you picked Alves and Vera to win, I’d be a nervous wreck for the next couple of days. The way things stand now, this is gonna be a tooth-and-nail battle. Looking forward to it…

  • Dum Dum

    You’re betting against Taveres? Then you deserve what’s coming…

  • No YAMMA No Life

    lol at Marquardt by sub…

  • nin


  • esther

    Kind of thinking Hardonk would win by KO or is that too predictable?

  • Charles

    Honestly, your picks suck.

  • fightlinker

    Hardonk has a hard-on-k for subs. He wasn’t able to KO Justin Mullet McCully … sooooo yeah.

  • godzillad

    Liaduin over Taylor? You do know that Paul has already beat his ass before right? Not to mention Taylor KTFO the guy who KTFO Liuadn.

    Hardonk by sub is ridiculous though.

  • Joon4s

    8/11 fights will end up in submission? I’d prepare for a violent throwup if I were you.

  • fightlinker

    Hardonk thinks he’s a sub-master, been training with the Gracies for a while. GUESS WE’LL SEE HOW SMART I AM ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Method

    I love you guys, but get ready to puke, thems is some bad picks

  • Leland Roling

    Fightlinker, once again, it ceases to amaze me how you locked your picks in. Get ready to puke. On the other hand, if you’re right, this would be an epic win.

  • fightlinker

    Didn’t you tell me my first round of picks sucked too? And then I tied the Spud?

    I have faith :-D I feel better about these picks than the last bunch.

  • Nachtfalter

    I hope the Wiman and Day bets won’t come back to haunt you but Swick, Cane, Hardonk and Liaudin should give you enough of an edge to remain in charge of your stomach content, I’d think.

  • Fatal Error

    If you somehow manage to win this bet, you should get to bang all of the Cage Potato crew’s moms. Wiman?!? Liaduin??? You know you’re not making value bets to take advantage of the stacked odds right? You’re supposed to be picking straight winners, but instead your picking straight wieners. Next time you should each be 20 bucks and whoever wins the most by betting on every fight wins.

    Prepare to have your throats burn! Ipecac is not a gentle lover.

  • el feo XIII

    matt hughes TKO, i’ll believe that when i see it.

  • Carsnick

    Wow you think Tavares will get subbed??? Good luck with that.

  • godzillad

    Yeah, if Jon Fitch can KO Alves like three times in the drop of a hat then Hughes is gonna fucking wreck him in minutes.

  • Dangerfield

    I feel bad for your insides.

  • snepin14

    lol good luck fightlinker, sadly i think you are goin down

  • archer0545

    Wow, you will be yawning in technicolor all over youtube. It will be glorious!

  • Asa

    Nice picks man. It should be interesting.

  • Ben F

    I know I’m biased, but I think Goldstein has your number here, FL. Personally, I plan on inducing vomiting the old-fashioned way on Saturday. With whiskey. At least there won’t be a video of it afterwards. Or will there?

  • catch

    Interesting picks. Some of them are a bit odd, but that’ll just make it even sweeter if you pull off a win.

  • RT

    You did see the Tavares fight w Tyson Griffen right? and you saw the absolute shit kicking he gave Jason Black right? and You know that hes training with the Nogs and Anderson Silva now right? So why and the Fuck would you not pick Tavares by decision?
    Picking kampman is a ballsy move as he’s been on the shelf for a long time and there will be ring rust, that and Jorge is fucking Hungary. I also see Vera winning via sprawl and brawl as Werdum, despite his high level BJJ has no takedowns and his striking doesnt measure up to Vera’s. Any way good luck….

  • ninjitsu

    Yeah the Wiman pick is weak, and so is the *3rd round* hughes TKO.

  • P W

    Fightlinker, I suggest you eat a lot of oatmeal on Saturday. It will keep you feeling nice and full, and it doesn’t smell bad when it comes up again.

  • Lifer

    3rd round knockout from matt hughes? i have no words.

  • kentyman

    Ground and pound counts, Lifer.

  • Swedish guy

    OMFG Ryan, you can’t be real with those picks. You’re going to have to puke you sore ass out of your mouth. Ouch.