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UFC 87 looking better every day

Finally those who live in and around Minneapolis get something that will make living in Minnesota suck a bit less for one day. The UFC87 card, which originally looked like a kitschy stinker card starring Cock Chestnar wailing on a senior citizen, has now filled out and features a whole bunch of fights that give me a penis dagger of my own. Here’s the card according to MMA Junkie:

  • Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring
  • Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta
  • Karo Parisyan vs. TBA
  • Mac Danzig vs. Clay Guida
  • Frankie Edgar vs. TBA
  • Dan Evensen vs. Cheick Kongo
  • Rob Emerson vs. Manny Gamburyan
  • Steve Bruno vs. Chris Wilson

Note the addition of Karo Parisyan, who’s looked like shit in his past two fights and claims he’s “trying to change a lot of stuff in my life”. Here’s hoping it works out for him … what a cruel joke by the universe if he never gets a title shot.

There’s also the possibility of Sean Sherk returning to fight in his hometown. Normally I’d boo the addition of a three round lay and pray fight, but I have to admit I kinda sorta like this new stupid Sean that tries to be interesting and diverse. Who knows what retarded gameplan he’ll attempt in his next fight?

Also, considering he’s been sounding like a broken man since losing to BJ Penn, I think his therapist would agree that it’s best that he get back on the horse as soon as possible. Besides, Minnesota would probably be the only place people won’t chant “Steroids” at him during the weigh-ins. The only other option is waiting till the UFC expands to other countries so they can chant it in different languages.

I’d also like to point out that Clay Guida is back and facing off against Mac Danzig. I like both fighters, but Clay Guida is still the man (dispite blowing the Huerta fight and costing me my dignity) so I’m cheering for him. I can’t help but keep worrying about the size difference though … Clay Guida walks around at 155 and could easily fight at Featherweight. Mac Danzig on the other hand cleaned house on TUF at welterweight. I’m giving Mac Danzig the edge to win this fight, but as usual I’m hoping Guida’s heart and tenacity are the X factor that makes him come out on top.

  • clint notestine

    If the UFC made Clay cut his hair off if he lost against Danzig I bet his hippie ass would pull out the win.

  • P W

    Crap, Mac Danzig vs. Clay Guida? I don’t want any of those two guys to lose!

    Can somebody please explain to me what the fuck Rob Emerson is doing in the UFC except sucking.

  • DannyP72

    I hope Sherk comes back at 87 as people have already forgotten how much better he is than 99% of lightweights out there.

  • clint notestine

    thats a scary combo of Canadian and Minnesota talent… I bets theres gonna be a lot of oots and aboots thrown around.

  • Zurich

    Eh… everything seems to pale in comparison to the might that was UFC 84.

  • clint notestine

    but everything is pale in comparison to Cheick “Your Cup” Kongo

  • garth

    pale? in minnesota? no way!

  • RL Dookiefuck

    Karo not getting a title shot isn’t a cruel trick of the universe- he has only himself to blame.

  • x5BoltMainx

    You’re missing:
    Luke Cummo vs. Tamdan McCrory
    Jason MacDonald vs. Demian Maia

  • garth

    i noticed that you posted a link to Edith’s grape shot, not yours.
    pretty sneaky.

  • igorpunck
  • pillow

    I would pull for Clay Guida if I knew for a fact he had a hummingbird feeder.

    That’s why Im a Mac Danzig fan

  • MarleyMarl

    Will be a wicked fight I think. Mac Danzig I think will win though, hes much bigger and finishes alot of his fights.


    Thats 7 fights I’m looking forward to :D