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UFC Countdown giffage!

The UFC has put Saturday’s UFC 147 Countdown show online for all to view and while it’s a little outdated due to injuries (TUF Brasil middleweight finalist Daniel Sarafian is out, Sergio Moraes is in), it’s still a pretty entertaining bit of promotion. I know it’s all in vogue now to sh*t talk 147 and speculate on how bad it’s going to be rather than hype it up, but I figured why not try and be a little positive about the event. So to help get your juices going a bit for this event, I giffed the crap out of the countdown. Tons of gifs after the jump … including many INTENSE WAND STARES!

Middleweight finalist Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira.

Featherweight finalist Godofredo “Pepey” de Oliveira

Featherweight finalist Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra

Mike Russow’s slo-mo jiggle

Mike Russow’s wife

Fabricio Werdum jump kicking Alistair Overeem back in pride.

The one that almost knocked out Rich Franklin. Close but no cigar. This time?

  • ButtHorn

    Nice Alistair/Verdum gif.

    Verdum is awesome when he’s trying.

    The Silva/Frank gif is awesome too.

    I’m reading Jack Slacks description of the hider’s demolition of Frank, and he actually gives Frank some props for having a stiff but also somewhat advanced boxing game.

  • Reverend Clint

    why? He beat up Pedro Rizzo who hasn’t been relevant since before Britney Spears turned into a crackhead

  • frickshun

    Mrs. Russow needs MOAR MAKE-UP. She looks like the grown-up JonBenet Ramsey.

  • Charming

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