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UFC Fighter Frolics with Girlfriend

UFC Fighter Frolics with Girlfriend

They say the trick to wooing a Dagestani girl is compliment her on her fur and make sure she has a nice muzzle, collar and chain. If that’s true, then UFC star lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov is totally a boss when it comes to the women in his home country.

Yesterday, the 155 pounder no one wants to fight posted this to his Instagram with the pretty much indecipherable caption, “Met my friend from childhood and my best sparing partner ever, and now my hunting belt started.” But language barrier be damned! It’s clear that when it comes to love and affection, the dude and his woman are extremely happy together.

  • robthom

    Hey Genia,
    when you gonna come back?
    You didn’t let them scare you off did ya?

    Beckers alright,
    I remember him from his other site.
    He’s better then bloodyelbow.

    But he’s a kind of…
    how would you say…
    a by the numbers fella as far as his articles.

  • drunkenjunk

    hey genia,
    You still suck and have ruined this site.

  • robthom

    junk and skunk is a FHAG!

    I’d beat that boy until he claims sissy!