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UFC in Japan getting less freaky by the day

Thus far I haven’t been all that impressed with what the UFC is slinging in Japan. Sure, Bendo vs Edgar is a sick headlining fight. Just not for the Japanese. Thus far, the card features a bunch of Japanese guys vs Americans. The only match that’s vaguely Japanese in the true sense of the word (ie in the sense that it’s got a freakshow vibe) is Mark Hunt vs Cheick Kongo, and that’s because Hunt is Hunt and Kongo is a stunning black god.

It’s not like the UFC wasn’t planning a little bit o’ freak action for us. Check out what Brian Stann told MMA Sucka:

“I thought I was fighting on the UFC card in Tokyo. I thought I was going to fight a gentleman by the name of Ikuhisa Minowa or ‘Minowaman’ and unfortunately, you know, the fight didn’t happen. He actually asked to fight me. I agreed and then for some reason it just didn’t materialize…From what I was told by the UFC, I think they already filled the main card for that one, so there’s not really any room for me anymore.”

That would have been perfectly acceptable, even with Stann stuffing Minowa’s takedowns and pummeling him within an inch of his life. Also acceptable: Quinton Jackson vs anyone. Which I’m oh so happy to tell you isn’t happening either:

The only icing on this cake is that it means perhaps we’ll see Rampage headlining the UFC on FOX 2 show. Hopefully whatever the UFC offers him gets him all excited because who wants to see him pull one of those Matt Hamill or Forrest Griffin fights out of his ass.

  • Remico

    If American war hero Stann had fought/beaten Japan ultra-God Minowa in Japan there would’ve been even more poor Japanese babies being thrown off of cliffs in despair.

  • CAP

    Fuck it

  • Billytk

    this is a pretty weak card especially for a return to Japan and when you consider all the HUGE names (in Japan) that are willing and in some cases beg to be on the card this seems like a pathetic attempt at a card