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UFC is getting in Times Square’s face

The UFC may not be allowed to hold events in New York, but that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to make their presence felt there. If you happen to live near Times Square, there’s a pretty cool option open for you to see this weekend’s prelims:

UFC 134’s bouts will be screened for thousands in Times Square’s Little Brazil – reflective of the fight’s base in Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian birthplace of mixed martial arts. Spike TV’s preliminary fights will broadcast on the digital sign above The Doubletree Hotel on the East side of Duffy Square’s red steps, 47th Street & 7th Ave Saturday, August 27 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m EST. Never before has UFC offered a viewing of this magnitude. 

I don’t have any reliable stats on how giant that giant screen is, but my guesstimate is that it’s around a billion feet big.

*UPDATE* Letibleu called the fine people at Doubletree up and got the actual size of the screen: 40 feet x 32 feet.

(image via Soldier Forever)

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    If this is actually the sign you have pictured it’d sorta face the square and allow people sitting in the public benches a chance to watch.  Probably HoJos and Olive Garden patrons can watch.  Very neat idea.  Hope the rain doesn’t keep everyone indoors.

  • CAP

    Pretty bold idea I’m interested to see how it is received. In your face New Yawk!

  • G Funk


  • Komodo

    Righteous Leti chops in 3… 2…

  • Letibleu

    Also costs close to 10K/hour to use. To put things in perspective 32 feet high is 4 stories. 40 feet is exactly the length of 2 full size shipping containers

  • thingvolds

    when i was a kid times square was awesome. you could buy anything. whores, guns, drugs, fake id, bootleg anything. now the most exciting thing that happens there is ufc prelims on a screen

  • CAP

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    We’re shutting down the MTA at noon, and it’ll take 8 hours to do that and another 8 to bring it back up, plus low-lying Zone A is being evacuated at 5pm.  This might not be seen by anyone.

    Sucks for such a great idea.  Hopefully they’ll bring it back for future shows.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ uh….whut?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Mass transit is how we get around and Times Square is nearly the center of the network.  Buses, trains and light rail are all gonna be shut down starting at noon because everyone is vajing over the hurricane.  Supposed to be tons of rain, Clint’s sustained 90mph chili fart winds, and flooding. This means the area they’ll be showing this in might be occupied by very few people, who will not be interested in billboards when normally it’d be bustling with a million or two people on a Saturday night.

  • thingvolds

    nice cap

  • glassjawsh

    there are only 6 million people in my entire state. your numbers do not compute with me