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UFC Primetime: Silva vs Sonnen Episode 1


  • Jemaleddin

    Weird. They left out the part where Chael is a convicted felon who would have lost that fight no matter what happened because he was cheating with PEDs. I wonder why? 
    (Okay, I don’t actually wonder.)

  • Liam Neeson

    Not since Josh Barnett has one fighter cheated so much and been disciplined so little.

    Chael has taken PEDs, is a convicted criminal and on multiple ocassions has attempted once again to cheat the system by “false tapping”. 
    And here he is headlining another card despite the fact he (should) have lost his last fight. Oh UFC, Alistair is a big fat cheat, Josh Barnett is a big fat cheat, Nate Marquardt is a big fat cheat but Chael, oh our Chael is a saint.
    2 losses and Chael is getting thrown under the bus.

  • voice of reason

    ^calm down andy nuthuggers

    nate got busted 4 times. barnett aint in the ufc since… i don’t even fking know. reem just got busted 1st time. chael did his time both with nsac and the fraud thing, and the fake tap was cos he just woke up from the sub and didn’t rmb that he tapped…..u left out the most important part on why he’s fighting andy:
    butthurt fanboys…

  • Steven

    voice of reason, your right he DID beat Andy up but DO you remember what happened after the fight?  

    That’s right Sonnen was caught having a 16 to 1 ratio of when a normal ratio is 1:1 T/E and the limit is 4:1. hmmmmmm looks like he cheated and still LOST.

  • drunkenjunk

    Chael beat Bisping. The judges scored it that way, so did most people watching.

  • Liam Neeson

    He woke up from the submission? Lmao, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.

    Chael has false tapped a gang of times. He’s a cheater through and through. How he isn’t in the same league as Koscheck with his fake illegal shots is beyond me. 

  • voice of reason

    LOL let me take u 2 back to school…

    1. yeah sonnen was out for a very short time, he said the ref woke him up, and if u know anything about being out then u know it means u dont rmb what happened before that (therefore u’d think u didn’t tap). u silva nuthuggers like to ignore that fact that ur boy got owned.
    2. re:testosterone, see my previous post. Even dana is on sonnen’s side, and he HATES roiders. for kos, he did get hit by aj’s knee, but the replays shown were just AFTER he got hit, meaning what it shows is the OTHER knee missing kos so people thought that it missed. theres a gif of it somewhere.

  • Steven

    Your earlier post states that Andy got Dominated and he did but it doesn’t mention whether or not that Sonnen Cheating had anything to do with it(this is part of why Dana is on Sonnen’s side as he is as curious as the rest of us).  
    I’m not saying that Sonnen didn’t do his time(he did) but I’m annoyed that he takes so much credit for “almost” winning while he was caught cheating afterwards.  I just personally find Sonnen a scumbag in and out of the cage due to his actions.  Even thou he is a great fighter, so i hope the rematch settles everything(and that Sonnen doesn’t pop positive again)