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UFC to Stop Confusing the Shit out of its Fans by Making Them Switch Channels

UFC to Stop Confusing the Shit out of its Fans by Making Them Switch Channels

Many who tried to tune in to Fox Sports 1 to watch the prelims for UFC on Fox Sports 1 2 aka UFC Fight Night 27 were treated to a surprise: no fights. Unfortunately, the UFC decided to throw a spinning backfist by airing the prelims on Fox Sports 2, switching channels mid-event when we hadn’t even gotten acclimated to the first brand new channel to begin with. Keep in mind that we are people who generally have trouble farting and chewing gum at the same time and just estimate how that went for the few UFC fans who actually pay for cable instead of stealing a webstream out of their parents’ basement.

Well, now the UFC has decided to stop confusing the hoity-toity TV owners among us by moving ALL PRELIMS to Fox Sports 1… except for the ones that aren’t on Fox Sports 1… and not for another few events. MMAMania has details from The Dana:

“I called Eric the other day and said, ‘We should just put everything on FOX Sports 1 like we did the first night.’ He was like, ‘You’re right. We should. Let’s do it.’”

So let it be spoken, so let it be done.

The new arrangement is not expected to affect the promotion’s reliance on Facebook for preliminary bouts that can’t be shoehorned into existing timeslots.

In short, anything not on pay-per-view (PPV) will likely air on Facebook, followed by FOX Sports 1, with the exception of fight cards already lined up for FOX Sports 2, like the UFC Fight Night 30 event in Manchester, headlined by a middleweight bout between Michael Bisping vs. Mark Munoz.

It’s sometimes nice how the UFC sort of takes care of its fans. As minor of a concession as this seems, it does stop people from having to switch channels and avoids turning us into pawns in corporate ratings wars. Instead of trying to prop up multiple channels, the organization is content to simply have us relax while it monopolizes 14% of our waking hours with its events. Many cheers to our hegemonic overlords in Vegas for being gentle masters!

  • CAP

    All I know is I didn’t get FuelTV before but I do get Fox Sports 1 and 2 now so my dvr will find it. Thanks Uncle Fester. Dick.

  • glassjawsh

    you definitely produce a lot of content

  • glassjawsh

    too bad I haven’t read anything other than comments on this site in the past 8 months

  • agentsmith

    I just ditched cable this week, so now I get them all on the same convenient torrent channel.

  • Papa

    UFC is dead. All existing fighter are either washouts or good all rounder with no distinctive style. The good all-rounders are predictable and boring which is most of the UFC nowadays. Its become annoyingly over commercial and advertisers regularly spoil the show Bud lite/Harley etc.
    Mike Goldberg is an idiot, they should get someone who knows what they’re talking about like Bas Ruten to join croaky over opinionated Rogan. The octagon is far too big and you don’t get the “forced together to fight” feel of a boxing ring like in Pride FC. I think if weight classes were allowed to challenge eachother it might spice it up, but in all, I think UFC has had its time. sadly